Jun 2011 20

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Trigger 10d
Category: Electro-pop / Trip-Hop / Indie Rock
Album: Trigger 10d
Stars: 3
Blurb: Replacing trip-hop with indie rock, Trigger 10d’s sophomore album makes a break toward a new sound with mixed results.


Having spent the better part of five years honing its craft and refine its sound, Chicago’s Trigger 10d comes out with a self-titled sophomore album that retains the mixed bag of catchy melody and chilled out style that dominated earlier works, but given a tougher, edgier touchup. While earlier material presented a band heavily influenced by the lighter moods of Depeche Mode and Portishead, wrought with wispy and jazzy atmospheres and lush vocals, the songs on Trigger 10d show the band transitioning toward a more driving rock sound. Right from the onset of opening track “Misplaced,” a grinding guitar dominates as Alicia Sotelo’s vocals, at once sultry and ballsy, take center stage atop discordant 8-bit style electronics to make for an energetic start. “Lullaby” follows suit with a much more restrained tempo as distorted bass and guitar mesh with sweeping electronics in a manner reminiscent of their past work, but again with a much more rocking edge. The same can be said for songs like “Kiss the Door” with its electric piano underscore and clean strumming guitars and “Skies Gone Dark” as symphonic and turntable effects play atop a shuffling beat. However, the overt similarity to older Trigger 10d prevalent on these tracks ends as the kickoff single, “A-List” drives through the speakers with a bit of punk rock energy, Sotelo’s vocals distorted just enough to give the track a little extra power, as if the jangling guitar, juicy beats, and slithering electronics didn’t deliver. “Again” picks the pace up as Sotelo’s melodies play counterpoint to some monotone guitar stutters in the verses while the synths maintain the tonality of a broken down arcade game from the ‘80s, making for an interesting sonic dynamic. “Puddlehopping” and “Whip You Wicked” allow the electronics to shine with some highly danceable electro beats rounding out the mix, making them standout tracks that are good in their own right, but if not for some tastefully arranged guitars would sound very out of place amid the heavier rock sounds that permeate the album. Fans of earlier Trigger 10d will surely still enjoy the band’s new direction as the emphasis on songwriting is still clearly at play, although the uneven mix of styles toward a more electro rock sound results in a rather disparate album.
Track list:

  1. Misplaced
  2. Lullaby
  3. Skies Gone Dark
  4. A-List
  5. Kiss the Door
  6. Laced
  7. Again
  8. Roadside
  9. Puddlehopping
  10. Whip You Wicked

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