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Triangular Ascension - Leviathan DeviceTriangular Ascension
Category: Dark Ambient
Album: Leviathan Device
Stars: 3.5
Blub: A journey in sound through a dystopian society filled with ruin and despair.


Hailing from Venezuela, Federico Agreda, the mastermind behind the band Triangular Ascension, is no stranger to the ever growing umbrella of electronic music. He has been composing sound since the age of 16, and at the young age of 18, won the Best Keyboardist of the Year at the Metal Made in Venezuela awards. Subsequently and under various monikers, he has worked on remixes for numerous bands, most notably Nine Inch Nails, and has built quite a reputation as one of the most prominent drum & bass acts in Venezuela today. He now delves into the realm of dark ambience with his debut album Leviathan Device. The results are very promising.

Immediately, listeners will feel like they have been transported to an alternate future. With sounds and moods that evoke the masterpiece work of Vangelis on Blade Runner, the whole album has a very movie soundtrack feel to it. The track “Sacrifice and Tragedy” drops us right in the middle of a factory in decay. It is a brooding, moody piece that uses a variety of noise and ends with some sickly sounding guitar plucks. One thing that can be said about this album is that it is high on production. It is very evident that the composer has sharpened his skills to a razor edge during the many years of remixing artists and producing drum & bass. The following track, “A New Beginning” makes this listener feel as if he has been reborn. There are some nice synth sounds and echoes of ghostly voices imbedded in the heart of this opus. Mr. Agreda paints a broad picture with his work, wielding brushstrokes of electronics that conjure images of cracked bones, rust-colored dirt, and irradiated skies. This is what a good dark ambient album should do. Tracks like “The Throne of Water” have a cavernous feel, as if standing in a vast chamber with but one object, a throne, awaiting discovery. The title song, “Leviathan Device” is a haunting piece filled with foreboding and dread. The element of water is very prevalent throughout the second half of the album as songs like “Lux in Aqua” move and crawl like liquid, with the listener feeling as if submerged in deep waters. “Whale Requiem” closes the album beautifully with angelic signing in the distance, fluid movements, and finally, hope.

For a debut album, Triangular Ascension delivers on a darkly engrossing, beautifully crafted piece of dark ambience. It spawns imagery and imagination, which are imperative traits to have within this genre. Recommended!
Track list:

  1. Twilight of the Lands
  2. Sacrifice and Tragedy
  3. A New Beginning
  4. Dimensional Warp
  5. The Throne of Water
  6. Leviathan Device
  7. Fall of the Soilent Empire
  8. Lux in Aqua
  9. Whale Requiem

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