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THYX - Network of Light EPTHYX
Category: Electro / Futurepop
Album: Network of Light EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: It’s a purchase that is difficult to justify – short on attractions and incapable of capitalizing on the strengths of THYX’s style and verve.


It would seem that nowadays, every major release gets to enjoy a brief prelude to its content in the form of a digital only EP. Flexible as this model is, some of them seem hardly worth the time and with THYX’s Network of Light, one might often feel that the wait for the full album is a logical alternative given that none of the available content will satisfy anyone but the most hungry and impatient of Stefan Poiss’ fans.

The actual “Network of Light” showcases most of the signature elements of the gentle, flowing electronica that made The Way Home and the releases of such resonant, crowd pleasing hits, but sadly, amid the escalating synths and the waves of soothing bleeps, the song doesn’t seem to come together in the same spectacular fashion that some of the previous THYX tracks did. The complexity of layered, gentle melodies and the distorted vocals is still present, but despite the staple sound and texture of the music, the structure of “Network of Light” doesn’t provide any opportunities for genuine excitement even if it exhaustively reintroduces THYX to the scene and the listeners. The Cutoff mix offers a similar mélange of forward moving background beats and resting atop of it, delicate electronic instrumentation. IDM energy adds a new flavor to the composition, but with vocals left largely intact and still setting the majority of the mood, Cutoff feels derivative and indistinct. Ascetic and downplayed, the Minimum remix reveals the simplistic but genuine power of the titular track with clear echoing vocalization, bare piano instrumentation, and only the faintest ambient lines, surprisingly making for a version that this writer couldn’t help but to enjoy more than the final album version. The bizarrely sung “Old People Love Song” is actually an interesting and memorable effort, if somewhat halfhearted, bogged down by the inexplicable penchant of Stefan Poiss for digitally manipulating his voice.

This trend of digital EPs is a minor nuisance if only because the content often feels hardly substantial. This particular release delivers very little real joy and it’s clearly meant for the craving, avid fans and for them alone. The days of rich and fully loaded short plays are not over and EPs like this will only benefit the most impatient listeners. The rest should wait for Below the City where even the average “Network of Light” might benefit from the fleshed out context.
Track list:

  1. Network of Light
  2. Network of Light (Cutoff Remix)
  3. Old People Love Song
  4. Network of Light (Minimum Remix)

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