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THYX - Below the CityTHYX
Category: Electro / Futurepop
Album: Below the City
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Two years since the acclaimed debut of Stefan Poiss’ solo project, THYX returns to prove that the success was all but accidental with music nothing short of intelligent and thoughtful.


Not one ongoing creative outlet but two – equally focused and impressive – projects are required to contain the musical vision of Stefan Poiss. His personal journey with THYX began only a year ago and already his zest provided enough inspiration for the second album. Below the City is not only tasked with prolonging the lifespan of the act’s unique style but it is also employed in the pursuit of the elusive vision of its mastermind. Predictably, his latest operates within the predetermined confinements of his musical dream, but that is not to say that THYX is in any way limited or unimaginative.

With the method already firmly established, whether through the records of Mind.in.a.Box or THYX’s own debut release, Below the City immediately picks up the crisp pulsating rhythms of Poiss’ past accomplishments and “Searching” is hardly that – not desperately looking for its lost tempo or texture, but every bit as entrancing and rich as The Way Home. Moods are again swaying and patient, even if always moving forward thanks to downplayed but dynamic beats, hidden amid the ascending soft synths of tracks like the robotic but memorable “Roses” and the single “Network of Light,” that comfortably settles within the overall inoffensively futuristic feel of the record. The music of THYX remains a curious idiosyncrasy, a futurepop aesthetic hybrid that was engineered to evoke the soundscapes of tomorrow’s digital highways through sonic effects that are distinctly retroactive and nostalgic. The hurrying synthesizers on “Survival Instinct” provide a vivid backdrop for the shifting tone of the vocals and the vibrant, dramatic chorus, dissolving into harsh recitation, nourishes the unpredictable currents of the track. THYX retains its chill-out groove that will again leave the adrenaline junkies discontent, but fans of lush and tranquil electronica shall rejoice during the slow buildup of “The Endless Journey” and the impatient ersatz snares of “Timeless.” It seems that even by his own melancholy standards, portions of this new album embrace the explicitly romantic and slow burning atmospheres with the electro ballad “Alien Love” expertly embracing the crying vocalization and distinctly acoustic instrumentation.

The flow of the whole album is deliberate, all of the songs crafted with determination and precision. And yet, despite this undeniably calculated cohesive nature of the new material, there is enough identity and vigor to animate the gentle waves of electro that awash the sandbox of ideas that is THYX and lend it almost ephemeral but obvious spiritual depth. True, some of the tunes lose the battle for the listener’s attention with the memorable pop hits from The Way Home, but as a sophomore release, one carrying a heavy burden of immeasurable expectations, Below the City is still satisfying and unique.
Track list:

  1. Searching
  2. The Endless Journey
  3. Network of Light
  4. The Street
  5. Hate
  6. Survival Instinct
  7. Alien Love
  8. Roses
  9. Below the City
  10. Timeless

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