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ThisQuietArmy - Hex MountainsThisQuietArmy
Category: Ambient / Drone / Post-Rock
Album: Hex Mountains
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Lingering in occult ambience and guitar-thrashing like there’s no tomorrow, ThisQuietArmy’s latest is a masterfully crafted narrative to an imminent apocalypse.


With a widespread archive encompassing elements from shoegaze to dark ambient and many ilks in between, Eric Quach’s daring saga of the guitar-driven ThisQuietArmy seems to know no finale in the pursuit of the ultimate instrumental post-rock sound. In his latest record, Hex Mountains, this Canadian sonic warlock – with the help of a few outsiders – enters a darker and more atmospheric chapter in what could perhaps be one of his most engulfing treks ever.

Foggy drone and cymbal rattles lead to a storm of booming percussion and shoegaze riffs that would perfectly accompany a medieval battle in the intro, “From Darkness.” Newcomers will soon realize that the very essence of ThisQuietArmy’s musical identity is based around surreal, drawn out, subtle drone and ambient textures, painstakingly climaxing to wailing guitars and sometimes percussion; it’s incredibly cinematic and engaging. Additionally, Hex Mountains – much like many of Quach’s works – is an experience best suited for headphones if one desires to grasp the breadth of its complexity.

The nearly 14 minute astral projection-coaxing “Wraithslayers” continues in that vein as broken hymns, shrill screeches, and black swarms slink through demon-conjured pylons that will give even the most hardened drone/dark ambient proponents chills down their spines. “Digital Witchcraft” is an examination of the preceding aftermath, drifting in a gaping climate with remnants of shrieking phantasms and unnerving echoes that further spiral the listener through varying levels of devastating consciousness. The concluding “Spirits in Oblivion” is almost like an extension of the first track with a percussive and guitar screeching monsoon that will make most in its genus blush.

Hex Mountains is absolutely enthralling. It’s a deeply introspective outing that never disengages one’s psyche and greatly exemplifies the possibilities of what can be achieved through instrumentally based music. It’s great to see Eric Quach break out of familiar territory to create one of his darkest and expertly executed records that not only demands to be heard, but sees the spirit of post-rock experimentation in stellar form.
Track list:

  1. From Darkness
  2. Wraithslayers
  3. Digital Witchcraft
  4. Spirits in Oblivion

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