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This Vision - The Golden Age We LostThis Vision
Category: Electro-pop / New Wave
Album: The Golden Age We Lost
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: This album is a must own for new wave, gothic, and new age fans.


It’s a rare anomaly to find a modern new wave album that doesn’t sound dated or cliché. However, This Vision creates a near perfect new wave album that would make even Duran Duran blush. The Golden Age We Lost is a masterful blend of serene synthesizers and smooth vocals. The chemistry between vocalist Marcus Lantz and programmer/synth-master Christian Liedholm Hartmann is immaculate. Their ability to match harmony, mood, and tone with the lyrical content is flawless.

From the first track on, it’s easy to get swept up in the lyrical content. This Vision hasn’t just created more typical love songs; they’ve reinvented a way to emotionally identify with music, which is something pure that has been lacking in most music nowadays. The opening track, “Ashes” sets a precedent for the entire album. Rhythmic guitars and Gary Numan-esque synths shape a heavenly sounding song. Then Lantz’s inviting vocals come in and perfect this stellar track.
Following up is “We Were Much Too Young.” Its sound takes one straight back to the ‘80s when new wave was at its peak. Again, rhythmic guitars and poppy synths are prominent and become the perfect escape for your mind. The equation of guitars and synths never gets old despite the fact it doesn’t really change until “Heaven Can Wait.” It’s the first track that really strays from the new wave hook and even though it may be the most melancholy song on the album, it’s also the best in this reviewer’s opinion. Subtle drums and keyboards with beautiful vocals and lyrics induce a love spell over the audience. It’s one of those songs to hold your lover by or to hold up a lighter when seeing This Vision live. It sets the same type of mood that “A Question of Lust” by Depeche Mode sets. The bass guitar finally makes a real appearance on “Dance with Me.” It’s rightfully titled as it the most danceable track on the album. The lyrics and music truly embody that moment when you’re completely enamored with the person in front of you and you just don’t want the moment to ever end. The album does begin to slow down a bit at this point though, as its usually bouncy yet gothic pep seems to stagger. “The Golden Age We Lost” and “The Darkest Hour” don’t jump out the way the rest of the album does – they’re not bad; they just fall short when compared to the rest of the album. Also, “I Dromland” is an instrumental that doesn’t fit the album. With such strong vocals, none of their songs should be instrumental. The album ends on a gorgeous note, however. “In the Shadows of Love” is an eight minute ballad, but doesn’t grow stale. Most songs get tiresome after five minutes, but this song defeats that stereotype. It’s peaceful and induces bliss; shortly stated, a perfect way to end an album.

By far this is one of the purest and most flawless albums released this year. Unless the only thing you can enjoy is loud noises, this album can offer something to everyone. For its soulful guitars and synths and sweet vocals, this album is a must own for new wave, gothic, and new age fans.
Track list:

  1. Ashes
  2. We Were Much Too Young
  3. The Boy with a Heart of Glass
  4. 20th Century
  5. I Dromland
  6. Heaven Can Wait
  7. Dance with Me
  8. The Golden Age We Lost
  9. The Darkest Hour
  10. In the Shadows of Love

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