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This Hollow Machine - CycleThis Hollow Machine
Category: Electronic
Album: Cycle
Stars: 3
Blurb: Showcasing his more electronic talents, Chad VanPelt puts down the guitar to express a wider range of musical ability and expression.


Chad VanPelt has certainly made a name for himself in the Washington, DC and Charlottesville, VA areas, pursuing a wide range of artistic interests including photography, jewelry design, and music. As guitarist for local goth/electro/rock bands The Silent Muse and Spider Lilies, This Hollow Machine presents the man’s more electronic side. Cycle offers 12 tracks of audio discovery, produced by VanPelt using little more than Reason software to create tapestries of aural simplicity and deceptively lush ambience best suited for deep listening through headphones. Beginning with the appropriately titled “In/Out,” the listener is treated to the sound of hollow breathing, a repeating tone akin to a heart monitor gradually fading from steadiness to the elongated pulse of expiration. This sets the tone for the album as a whole, more a series of sonic vignettes than songs. “Faded” features what could be the basis of a despairing electro/goth track with a recurring bass line atop a slow beat, building a sense of tension that never finds release. From the distorted scrapes and flutters of sound in “Fear and the Acceptance of Change” led by an ominous ambient melody, to the discordant warbles and ghostly reverberations of “Heart of This Machine,” to the heavy percussion of industrialized clanging and glitches on “I Will Beat Your Will,” Cycle expresses a diverse range of electronic soundscapes such that each track or the album as a whole could be a soundtrack to a short film. The same can be said of the droning darkness of “Implicit,” the twittering tones and deep rumblings of “Complacent” evoking a thunderstorm, and “A Fitting End” living up to its title with a familiar but welcomingly melancholy keyboard/piano melody that eventually dissipates into directionless fumbling. While Cycle may not be the most original or dynamic electronic album, it showcases a wider range of Chad VanPelt’s talents and musical expressions; it is as enjoyable to listen to as it must have undoubtedly been for the composer. For this, Cycle is well worth checking out.
Track list:

  1. In/Out
  2. Faded
  3. Irrational
  4. Complacent
  5. Fear and the Acceptance of Change
  6. Implicit
  7. I Will Beat Your Will
  8. Clip
  9. Finding Voices
  10. Heart of This Machine
  11. Destination
  12. A Fitting End

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