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Thirteenth Exile - Into NothingThirteenth Exile
Category: Industrial
Album: Into Nothing
Stars: 3
Blurb: Breaking a six year silence, this Swedish artist returns with an inventive take on industrial music that’s not short on aggression or atmosphere.


The release of this album from Henrik Svegsjo in November 2011 marked the end of a six year silence following the release of his debut Assorted Chaos and Broken Machinery in 2005 (the 2007 Pain Receiver EP notwithstanding). As the opening track “The Worm” kicks proceedings off with its faux guitar riffs complementing the shouted vocals, it’s immediately clear that Svegsjo has used the intervening period wisely, taking the Thirteenth Exile sound into new, far more diverse realms and utilising a wide variety of sounds and effects. In doing so, he creates a broad sonic spectrum that, similarly, offers a wide range of influences, from the darkly atmospheric offerings such as “In Between” and “My Legacy,” the latter of which boasts an almost gothic mood with its brooding piano and tolling bells, through to the overt aggression of the aforementioned “Pain Receiver” where scything guitar riffs (a legacy from his metal roots perhaps?) and stomping rhythms are colored slightly by sepulchral voices in a manner not unlike Vigilante or any number of American bands. Indeed, when listening to the soaring chorus of “God on Your Side” or the dirty and authentic sounding bass and rhythms that form the backbone of “Hate,” it’s easy to forget that this is a European release. The shouted vocals, untainted by any effects, add an appropriately organic feel throughout, proving their worth once again on “Pitch Black Days” where the almost chaotic mood is contrasted by the genuinely warm voices that come to the fore as the track progresses. This mix of harsh and emotive that is taken to the next step by the almost introspective mood of “A Perfect World” and the equally mournful “Wandering Star” (no, not the Lee Marvin one!) while the closing title track unfolds from its dark, forbidding opening into a most expansive, slightly sprawling, but compelling number with the mournful strings being complemented by more vocal samples that add another epic dimension to the track’s introspective mood that is enhanced by the lonely piano work that, as it fades into nothingness, brings the album to a close. The consistent inventiveness that is this album’s hallmark marks the album out as a major progression in the evolution of Thirteenth Exile. It never takes the easy way out by opting for an easy dance floor appeal; it’s a far more subtle release than that and while it might take a few listens to really make its mark, it’s well worth persevering with.
Track list:

  1. The Worm
  2. Life Eraser
  3. My Legacy
  4. Pain Receiver
  5. God on Your Side
  6. A Perfect World
  7. In Between
  8. Pitch Black Days
  9. Hate
  10. Wandering Star
  11. Into Nothing

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Thirteenth Exile Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thirteenthexile
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