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Third Realm - Beyond Good and EvilThird Realm
Category: EBM / Industrial / Goth / Darkwave
Album: Beyond Good and Evil
Stars: 4
Blurb: A perfected Frankenstein’s monster of musical styles that pieces together effortlessly.


Third Realm is the mad scientist project of Nathan Reiner – mad scientist being an applicable term due to the overwhelming mixture of musical styles present in his latest offering, Beyond Good and Evil. Diversity has been the spice of life throughout the Third Realm catalog and Beyond Good and Evil is absolutely no different; in fact, it may have perfected the formula. Whether you prefer ambient dark wave soundscapes, hard, heavy industrial beats, or high energy electronics, Third Realm runs the gauntlet on this album by throwing them all at you and pacing them in such a way that the listener can never get bored or lost in the variety.

Opening track “Human Plague” slices open the album with a bang by beginning with a heavy noise riff and has incredible balance between its heavy, fast paced chorus and dark melodic verses. The up-tempo pace continues with “Lunatic Asylum,” “Ocean of Dreams,” and “Diabolical Crush.” All three tracks will bring everyone and anyone out to crowd the dance floor of their favorite dark hangouts, with “Lunatic Asylum” being the harsh one of the trio, “Ocean of Dreams” and “Diabolical Crush” both featuring a more melodic dark electro approach. “Falling Down Slowly” brings the action down a notch and presents Beyond Good and Evil’s first slow paced ballad, a melancholy affair with melodic groaning vocals and ethereal electronics in the background. “Anthem for the Brainwashed” picks the tempo back up and brings in the harsh aggressive beats and vocals to fill the listener with vicious energy. “Self Destruction 1.0” and “Maniac” both pack in the ultra heavy, ultra fuzzy beats with loud shouting vocals, bringing the energy back up to fever pitch. The album comes down a little with “The Everlasting Torture” where the vocals once again return to dark melodies to go along with melancholy lyrics and electronic keys. Standout track “Lighthouse,” as well as “Winter Kills,” continues the haunting atmosphere and lulls the listeners about with rhythmic darkness. “Take Me Back” is a gem of the latter half of the album and has an electronic/alternative style that almost gives it a mainstream feel, but just varied enough to keep its identity and place in the pack. Beyond Good and Evil ends with a title track that is a combination of singing and industrial noise throughout that will ultimately leave you wanting more.

Each track is like a new adventure and sets itself apart from its brethren without sounding out of place. Third Realm has crafted what could be one of the best concoctions the industrial scene has seen in some time, and with a mass of well executed and well paced variety, this is an album that simply should not be missed under any circumstance.
Track list:

  1. Human Plague
  2. Lunatic Asylum
  3. Oceans of Dreams
  4. Diabolic Crush
  5. Falling Down Slowly
  6. Anthem for the Brainwashed
  7. Self Destruction 1.0
  8. Maniac
  9. The Everlasting Torture
  10. Lighthouse
  11. Winter Kills
  12. Take Me Back
  13. Beyond Good and Evil
  14. Lighthouse (Justin Lassen Remix)

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