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The Unquiet Void - Closet SpaceThe Unquiet Void
Category: Dark Ambient / Soundtrack
Album: Closet Space
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: A haunting soundtrack that stands on its own as a terrifyingly cosmic and cruelly visceral dark ambient experience.


Jason Wallach is certainly no stranger to conjuring up strange and nightmarish imagery as with The Unquiet Void, he has crafted some of the darkest and most imaginatively visceral soundscapes the genre has yet heard, particularly with the first two albums of his planned trilogy in homage to the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Yet with Closet Space, he tackles things in the opposite direction, now creating music set to imagery that already exists as the album offers his soundtrack to the independent horror film of the same name. While the film was a somewhat dubious exercise in pseudo-Lovecraftian horror, full of tentacle-wielding interdimensional creatures with the personality of a B-movie schlock shocker, the soundtrack succeeds in transporting the listener to alternate planes of reality and cosmic fright befitting the film’s subject matter. From the guttural noise and lashes of distortion evoking the shrieks of some alien life forms beginning the album with “Disturbance,” Closet Space is immediately not the typical film score. Certainly, the scratchy pulses of “Assimilation” and the thrums of tympani-like percussion amid ghostly oscillations bear the semblance of some abstract musical construction, and the repeating dark melodic refrains of “Rayj” with its sharp percussive backing makes for a dismally delightful piece that is sure to send the listener into the corner of the room, weeping at its cruelty, marveling at its lush beauty. “Ascent” also is notable for its progression of noisy pads amid an assaulting beat that lends itself well to possible remix treatments. However, for the most part, the album is an impressionistic mélange of evocative sound. The hollow and fluid atmosphere of “Parallel Dimension” with its reverberating glass like plucks, the tense rhythmic clatter of “Taken by Force,” to the cavernous industrial clamor of “Vagina Dentata” and “Lament,” The Unquiet Void’s soundtrack for Closet Space instills in the listeners’ mind the vast and terrifying expanses of a chaotic and vicious universe, appropriate to the otherworldly nature of the film’s narrative. Among the more notable tracks that blends the two extremes of subtle musicality and malignant noise is the closing track, “Revelation,” as howls of mournful ambience wax and wane amid alien slithers and raspy bellows. In so many ways, this soundtrack album succeeds at creating a nightmarishly suspenseful and despairing atmosphere where the film’s attempts to do so are marred by its less-than-subtle genre tropes and budgetary limitations. As well, so few soundtracks are able to stand on their own as complete and singular works while also being complementary to their respective films. The Unquiet Void accomplishes this and more with Closet Space, making for a satisfyingly primal and cosmically horrific listening experience.
Track list:

  1. Disturbance
  2. Assimilation
  3. Reawakening
  4. Point of Entry
  5. Anxiety
  6. Parallel Dimension
  7. Descent
  8. Rayj
  9. Taken by Force
  10. Ascent
  11. Vagina Dentata
  12. Lament
  13. Tunnels
  14. Revelation

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