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The Stygian - Myths of Forbidden Passages
The Stygian
Category: Industrial
Album: Myths of Forbidden Passages
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A short appetizer of what’s to come in this four track debut EP.


The debut EP from this Utah based project, Myths of Forbidden Passages brings together a duo of experienced musicians in a shared vision of throbbing, heavy, harsh industrial. Coming from previous projects such as Little Sap Dungeon, Symniont, and Boundless, K.J Crazier and Trevor Weeks have crafted a brief throwback of an EP that shows tons of potential, but also still bears plenty of rough edges.

The dark and sinister sound of “Crawling Inward” starts things off in fine fashion with its strong synth hook, merciless beat, and guttural vocals, but the track sadly becomes overly repetitive and what started out as strong and memorable becomes annoying and monotonous. “Killing Time,” unfortunately, doesn’t ease the pain of the squandered potential of the first track as the over distorted vocals and messy, convoluted composition leave this track feeling like it throws everything it can at the listener hoping something sinks in. “Web of Tartarus” manages to be more interesting thanks solely to its solid percussion, but once again, vocals distorted to excess and unnecessarily complex arrangements leave the track a disappointment. Closing with “Crawling Inward (Dubbed to Fuck),” the opening track is reworked, and though it still suffers from becoming far too repetitive, the smooth and less complex structure of the track works exceptionally well, relying more on mood and atmosphere than bombarding the listener with a poorly constructed wall of sound heard in the previous two songs.

This first outing from The Stygian is definitely a rough, but boisterous piece of work. There’s still a lot of room for polish with Myths of Forbidden Passages frequently trying to be too complex and thickly layered for its own good, but when the EP’s strengths shine through, it becomes obvious that this is a band with promise and worth keeping an eye on to see if they can eventually overcome their current problems.
Track list:

  1. Crawling Inward
  2. Killing Time
  3. Web of Tartarus
  4. Crawing Inward (Dubbed to Fuck)

The Stygian MySpace
Dungeon Recordings Website
Trubie Turner (Flexei)

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