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The SixxiS - Hollow ShrineThe SixxiS
Category: Rock / Alternative / Progressive
Album: Hollow Shrine
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: An auspicious and adventurous debut from a band that bridges the gap between progressively minded technicality and rocking southern comfort.


Hailing from Atlanta, GA, The SixxiS began from the same humble roots most up-and-coming bands possess, with the same aspirations to make some kind of a dent in the mainstream music market. Over the last nine years, those aspirations are perhaps as strong as ever, but the band certainly has the chops to surpass them as evidenced not only as an opening act for the industrial/metal legends MINISTRY on the From Beer to EternaTour, but also by the Hollow Shrine debut album. Creating an aggressively melodic brand of complex but catchy hard rock that encompasses a diverse range of influences, the 10 tracks that The SixxiS presents us with demonstrate that this band means business and is ready to put up long before ever shutting up.

Not since Kansas has a band managed to bridge the gap between progressively minded technicality and rocking southern comfort, but The SixxiS accomplishes this dichotomy of sound and style quite brilliantly. This is best exemplified on “Long Ago,” with an anthemic chorus of layered vocal harmonies led by Vladdy Iskhakov that is as infectious as it is epic, juxtaposed by dynamic changes in rhythm that might take some time for the listener to grasp… but once you do, it will be very difficult to let go. The same can be said of “Forgotten Son,” the ambience created by the vocals and the towering guitar lines evoking images of desert warriors on par with Lawrence of Arabia, as well as the instrumental “Coke Can Steve” as Paul Sorah’s and Cameron Allen’s nimble guitar riffs and Iskhakov’s seething, soaring electric violin solos create an engaging symphony that demands repeated listens. Mark Golden’s subtle yet elegant touch on the bass adds a funky element to songs like “Opportune Time” and “Nowhere Close,” making for a nice counterpoint to the intricate riffs and solos of the dueling guitarists, while “Waste of Time” and the closing track “Weeping Willow Tree” both deliver a lighter, bluesy touch to the band’s sound.

Produced by David Bottrill, whose long list of credits includes the likes of Tool and Peter Gabriel, The SixxiS accomplishes the very difficult task of culling together a wide palette of ideas into a cohesive whole. Traces of everything from the nerdy technicality of Rush to the gutsy smoothness of Dire Straits, from the gritty funk/metal of Living Colour or Kings X to the classic straightforwardness of Steppenwolf can be felt throughout The SixxiS’ music. With such inventiveness on full display, Hollow Shrine is certainly an adventurous and auspicious debut, one that promises bigger and better things yet to come from The SixxiS.
Track list:

  1. Dreamers
  2. Long Ago
  3. Nowhere Close
  4. Home Again
  5. Forgotten Son
  6. Waste of Time
  7. Coke Can Steve
  8. Opportune Time
  9. Out Alive
  10. Weeping Willow Tree

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