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The Sexbots - Don't StopThe Sexbots
Category: Electro-pop
Album: Don’t Stop
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Intense themes of sexual frustration and emotional fulfillment set to some rather upbeat electro make for a tough but interesting listen.


With a name like The Sexbots and a cover image as erotically charged as the one adorning this album, one would perhaps expect to hear the audio equivalent of an adult feature along the lines of Lords of Acid or Peaches. The reality of Don’t Stop reveals a much more introspective and melancholy album that taps into feelings of loneliness and heartache that often accompany unfulfilled sexual desire. Described as an open source collaboration between Ilima Considine and independent beatmakers, The Sexbots presents a lyrical and atmospheric brand of electro-pop that is equally lascivious and despairing, sensual yet sad.

From the smooth pads and chunky beats of “And I Meant It,” the album begins almost awkwardly with ambiguous lyrics about inescapable lust, setting the stage for the emotions to pervade Don’t Stop. The lines between sex and love are continuously blurred as songs like “This Happy Feeling,” “Fantastic Venus,” and “When You Close the Bedroom Door” follow a similar tone of simultaneous playfulness and uncertainty, the beats and bass lines bouncy and upbeat in such a way as to almost distract the listener from the stronger sensations at play. On the other end of the spectrum is the desperation presented in such tracks as “Come On Daddy,” “Tell Me that You Want It,” and “Finish Me Off,” all evoking a feeling of carnal desire in spite of spiritual self destruction, calling to mind the French euphemism for orgasm – la petite mort (“the little death”). While Kate Bush’s “Running Up that Hill” is a lush and poignant song that has been covered by numerous acts, The Sexbots’ version deconstructs the music to a violently harsh and grating march that is virtually unrecognizable and may be unbearable to the song’s fans. However, this treatment emphasizes the power of the lyrics that is all too appropriate to the album’s themes. The album ends with a breakbeat infused cover of A-ha’s hit “Take on Me,” although it’s far more faithful to the original but hardly proves an effective closer to Don’t Stop.

Credit should go to Considine and the passion and effort she puts into this project, even going so far as to produce a music video for each track, some more visually complementary to the lyrical themes than others. Featuring the talents of Spit Stix of punk band Fear, Shermstixx, and DJ Ceez, Don’t Stop can prove to be a rather difficult listen – if not for the intensity of the themes presented, then most certainly for Considine’s vocal performance. Granted, her breathy and pixie-like voice holds a certain appeal, often sounding like a cross between Björk and Alison Shaw of Cranes, and it does add to the album’s concept of conflicting desires and emotions. If nothing else, Don’t Stop is a difficult listen that is not wholly devoid of merit, though it may present a rather esoteric style that can weigh on one’s patience.
Track list:

  1. And I Meant It
  2. Come On Daddy
  3. Under My Skin
  4. A Terrible Dream
  5. Tell Me that You Want It
  6. Fantastic Venus
  7. This Happy Feeling
  8. Totally Typical
  9. Finish Me Off
  10. When You Close the Bedroom Door
  11. Running Up that Hill
  12. The Comet
  13. Take On Me

The Sexbots Website http://www.ilimaconsidine.com
The Sexbots Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ilima-Considine-and-The-Sexbots/113218642031322
The Sexbots Bandcamp http://thesexbots.bandcamp.com
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