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The Razor Skyline - Dark Water OasisThe Razor Skyline
Category: Goth / Darkwave
Album: Dark Water Oasis
Stars: 3
Blurb: Infusing Middle Eastern percussion into an otherwise familiar but enjoyable darkwave style, this San Francisco band comes into its own.


The Razor Skyline has had a long and rather tumultuous history, beginning life in 1994 and enduring the trials of an ever changing lineup and a constantly evolving sound. Always retaining its identity as a sonically aggressive darkwave outfit, 2010 saw the culmination of the band’s current incarnation, with Dark Water Oasis being the band’s first full-length album in nine years. Still led by founding member the_gun and showcasing a newfound affinity for infusing SooozhyQ’s Middle Eastern percussion with gritty guitar and electronics, topped off by Miska Kazda’s soaring vocals, The Razor Skyline offers a satisfyingly lovely take on the conventions of gothic electro/rock.

There is a refreshing familiarity to the band’s melodic style as “Vittoria” begins the proceedings with a mid-tempo gothic rocker, Kazda’s and the_gun’s voices meshing to add to the atmosphere carried by simple but searing riffs and Onyx’s effective drumbeats. The following track, “Sahara” will easily find its place on the dance floor with plenty of hands sure to be waving in the air with the anthemic chorus, while songs like “View of Paradise” and “Silent and Smiling” carry a slightly gloomier cadence, the twinkling synth arpeggios along with the wall of distortion from the guitars conjuring images of misty forests under a half-moonlight. “Grey Skies” offers a slow but lush ballad that will undoubtedly appeal to couples in need of a good romantic dance, while “We the People” takes the lyrics into sociopolitical territory with such lines as “We sold ourselves to the bureaucracy” and “How in a world so small can we not get along?”

Throughout the album, the ethnic percussion adding just the right amount of flavor to the rhythms, while the electrified mix of synth and guitar is evocative of the likes of Clan of Xymox or even The Birthday Massacre. Complete with a largely faithful cover of The Eurhythmics’ “This City Never Sleeps,” Dark Water Oasis is certainly an album worth the nine-year-long wait since The Bitter Well and brings The Razor Skyline into its own with a sound that distinguishes itself just enough from the myriad of goth and electro/rock acts. If the band can further its progression with this eclectic mix of sounds, The Razor Skyline could stand as one of the genre’s most memorable entities; with any luck, audiences won’t have to wait another near decade to hear what else the band has in store.
Track list:

  1. Vittoria
  2. Sahara
  3. We the People
  4. View of Paradise
  5. Control
  6. This City Never Sleeps
  7. Grey Skies
  8. Silent and Smiling
  9. Dark Water
  10. The Longest Night of the Year

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