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The Raygun Girls - Rising DawnThe Raygun Girls
Category: Alt. Rock / Metal
Album: Rising Dawn
Stars: 2
Blurb: While solid from a songwriting and production standpoint, this one-man band’s hard rocking soundtrack to the apocalypse falls short of the mark due to some less-than-stellar vocals.


Well, the apocalypse is an ugly premise, and so it should stand to reason that a band that purports its music to be “the roar of the apocalypse, the thunder of revolution, and the outcry of dissent” would not necessarily try to paint a pretty picture of it. Indeed, with Rising Dawn, the latest full-length outing from Geoff Saavedra under his one-man band moniker The Raygun Girls, listeners are treated to a hard-hitting blend of aggressive yet melody alt. rock songs with darkly electronic accompaniment to give each song an almost cinematic scope. Songs like “As I Please” and “Deep Inside” with their dense and entrancing layers of crystalline synth arpeggios and breaking rhythms, “Thoughts and Prayers” with its rich bass tones and lyrics addressing gun violence in the U.S., the starkly bluesy cadences of “Nowhere to Run” and “My Words Are Apocalypse,” especially in the latter with its gloomy organ accompaniments and offbeat rhythms all evoke a hard rocking atmosphere of impending desolation. Other songs like “Beware,” “That’s Enough,” and “Smash It Down” opt for a more raucous, even thrashy approach where the electronics are much more subdued in favor of a straightforward rocking approach that alludes to The Raygun Girls having been described in the past as an “industrial Motörhead.” And here is where things really get ugly, for no doubt adding to that comparison is Saavedra’s vocals; gritty and guttural, Saavedra demonstrates that he has a keen ear for melody and harmony, but they are all too often diminished by his limited vocal capacities. In the live setting, such flaws would add to the raw power of the performance, but in a studio recording, they all too often show a lack of finesse, often wavering off key, and showing great passion but little-to-no nuance. The band name might be taken from a song by Clay People, whose vocalist employed a similar style, and one might even find a resemblance to Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman, so it might be unfair to criticize Saavedra for these shortcomings, except that his voice is so prominent in the mix that it simply can’t be ignored. It’s quite a shame, for every other aspect of Rising Dawn shows Saavedra to be a musician of great proficiency – the riffs are solid, the drums are powerful yet not overstated, the electronics tastefully incorporated, and the songs would be quite excellent if only a better singer were employed or if Saavedra were to spend a greater effort in strengthening his abilities.
Track list:

  1. As I Please
  2. Beware
  3. You Made Me
  4. Deep Inside
  5. My Words Are Apocalypse
  6. Super PAC
  7. Thoughts and Prayers
  8. That’s Enough
  9. Rising Dawn
  10. Nowhere to Run
  11. Smash It Down
  12. The God Machine
  13. Mi Verbo Es Apocalipsis

The Raygun Girls
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