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The Perfects - Sudden VictoryThe Perfects
Category: Electro / Rock / New Wave
Album: Sudden Victory
Stars: 3
Blurb: Living up to its title, the debut album from this Baltimore band offers up an immediately catchy and engaging helping of ‘80s inspired electro/rock.


With a sound as rooted in the band’s hometown Balt. rock sound as it is in the electro-pop leanings of the ‘80s, The Perfects hit full force with Sudden Victory, a debut album that presents a professional polish usually reserved for longtime veterans. Having performed a number of high profile shows in the electro/industrial underground, the band demonstrates a vitality uncommonly heard in the studio, making for a thoroughly energetic first outing.

Coming right out of the gate with throbbing synths and guitars amid a powerful marching beat, the title track lives up to its name as an immediately engaging song. The same can be said of “Forever,” the melodies as catchy as they are edgy, Ric Peters’ voice soaring soulfully and the guitars reverberating in a manner reminiscent of U2; perhaps not a coincidence given the clear influence, especially as the band breaks into a faithful and impassioned cover of “With or Without You,” the pulse of the electronics giving the song a modernized personality. Other tracks like “End of Us” and “Girls that Dance” with their bouncy disco rhythms and “Many Nights” with its desperate chorus bear echoes of Duran Duran, all featuring a fair helping of chiming, resonant guitars. The oddity of Sudden Victory, “The Escape” seems to channel Smashing Pumpkins with its shoegazer-esque ambience and subdued percussion, Peters’ voice even possessing some trace of Billy Corgan’s emotive wail.

And yet, for all of the band’s wearing these influences on their collective sleeve, The Perfects tie it all together into a cohesive package of pristine, electrified rock with pop appeal. The overall atmosphere is immediately familiar with its overt connections to ‘80s new wave, but the tonality of the synths and the sheen of the production have their feet planted firmly in the here and now. Of course, the references to bygone modes may seem novel and hardly offer anything new, but Peters and company are content to offer a simple and effective electro/rock album that will prove to be a Sudden Victory for many listeners.
Track list:

  1. Sudden Victory
  2. Control
  3. Many Nights
  4. With or Without You
  5. Forever
  6. The Escape
  7. Revo
  8. Girls that Dance
  9. End of Us

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