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The Luna Sequence - This is BloodlustThe Luna Sequence
Category: Electro / Rock / Industrial
Album: This is Bloodlust
Stars: 4
Blurb: Evoking an epic scope with its mix of heavy metal and varying forms of electronic music, the fifth album from The Luna Sequence is a challenging yet passionate listen.


Kaia Young has made quite an impression on the world of electronic rock with The Luna Sequence. In three short years, she has produced five albums, This is Bloodlust being the latest and bringing to the fore her punk and metal influences and incorporating them in her already eclectic and emotive mishmash of electronic styling. While still purely instrumental, the strength of her melodic songwriting and tightly knit production makes This is Bloodlust as lyrically satisfying as the most vocally induced album.

Perhaps the best example of how the album diverges ever so slightly from her previous releases is “Parallels,” on which Young’s penchant for intricately arranged beat structures and synthetic harmonies meshes with powerful blast beats and guttural guitars more befitting of a death metal band. With a mystical chorus melody that evokes an atmosphere of epic classicism, it sounds like a combination that shouldn’t work, yet it does so marvelously. Similarly, “We Live in Storms” takes on an equal intensity of tempo and construction, but devoid of guitars this time, allowing the ever shifting synth leads to carry the tension, while “Now, There is Nothing” begins with a melancholy piano intro that kicks right into a high gear display of flighty sequences and grinding guitar-driven electro rock. Other tracks like “Red Light Raven” with fluttering arpeggios and energetic rhythms reminiscent of ’90s techno, “I was Never Alone” with its breakbeats and assaulting bass lines, and the infectiously poignant sequences are more electronically focused while maintaining the overall power and aggression. “Bullet from a Bigot’s Gun” ends the album with a sense of bereavement and rage, soft passages of twinkling synthesized introspection offset by thunderous beats and straightforward heavy metal infused fury.

For all of the different styles Kaia Young has blended to create the strange musical concoction that is The Luna Sequence, there is a coherent musical mindset at play. The passionate emotions at play with each resounding note, be they plucked on a guitar string or fashioned from a synthesized waveform, in tandem with the clean production and polished songwriting creates a distinguished sound that is challenging as it is appealing. There is a sense of grandeur in the compositions appropriate for any film or even video game soundtrack, making This is Bloodlust a rather excellent album that solidifies The Luna Sequence as an impressive force in modern music.
Track list:

  1. Sanctuary in Dying Light
  2. I Was Never Alone
  3. Parallels
  4. Red Light Raven
  5. We Live in Storms
  6. Skin Syndrome
  7. Wind Whispers Deception
  8. Now, There is Nothing
  9. Endorphin Drift
  10. Bullet from a Bigot’s Gun

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