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The Ludovico Technique
Category: EBM / Industrial
Album: The Ludovico Technique
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Harsh industrial and seething EBM in the vein of the current trends, yet still shows some potential to rise above.


When the average person hears The Ludovico Technique, what often comes to mind is an image of Malcolm McDowell strapped to a chair in a straitjacket with electrodes attached to his head, his eyes held open and forced to watch torturous films of ultraviolence, shouting “It’s a sin” repeatedly at the usage of Beethoven’s music over images of the Third Reich. Allusions to A Clockwork Orange notwithstanding, Florida’s The Ludovico Technique utilize these insipid connotations to their utmost with a five track EP that exhibits the band’s twisted musical mindset. Drawing on the current wave of distorted noise and terror EBM, the music is pure aggression with nary a soft moment to be found as scathing synthesizer bass lines and thunderous percussive layers pummel their way through the speakers in the opening track, “Devotion,” before Ben V’s seething vocals enter sounding like a blackened demon drinking battery acid. The song sets the stage for the rest of the EP as “This Life” follows a similar drum pattern perfect for stomping on the dance floor, with a synth bass progression that is actually quite dark and catchy, while “Heal My Scars” slows the tempo slightly with a series of glitch-laden percussive hits and a sparser arrangement, complete with samples from web cartoon Salad Fingers, making for a much creepier track. “Living Filth” is a slow march through decrepit industrial wasteland as pounding percussion and grating distortions stutter and sweep with occasional symphonic breaks that give the song a much more epic quality, while “Memory” has the semblance of a somber ballad as the vocals are manipulated into an insidious melody that is at once terrifying and despairing. Suffice to say, The Ludovico Technique has a fair amount of talent on display, particularly with regards to song arrangement and production as each track goes through deviant progressions and allow the distortions to overtake the listener just enough to unsettle and alarm but never repel them. However, the basic flavor of the music is still rather conventional to the contemporary modes of harsh EBM and industrial, sounding like the aborted fetus of Combichrist and Terrorfakt’s lovechild, if not for the semblance of actual songwriting that beckons beneath the surface. Also rather wretched is the sample of “The Ludovico Technique” that introduces every track on the EP as if the listener were to forget who he or she is listening to; it’s rather annoying and perhaps indicative of a sense of ego that the band has yet to earn. Still, The Ludovico Technique has the potential to rise above the conventions of the genre and produce to make the band truly stand out, but there is still a ways to go.
Track list:

  1. Devotion
  2. Heal My Scars
  3. Memory
  4. This Life
  5. Living Filth

The Ludovico Technique Website http://www.theludovicotechnique.com
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