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The Ludovico Technique - Some Things are Beyond TherapyThe Ludovico Technique
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: Some Things are Beyond Therapy
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Polished production that allows for every ugly, dirty sound to shine through, The Ludovico Technique’s full-length debut is full of nightmarish energy and devastating, electrified beauty.


Having made quite the impression with a self-titled EP on the illustrious Crunch Pod label and releasing a small stream of digital releases via their own Beyond Therapy imprint, Florida’s The Ludovico Technique has come quite far in a short amount of time. Led by Ben V. and appearing on the fifth edition of Alfa Matrix’s Endzeit Bunkertracks compilation and touring with such groups as Terrorfakt, Angelspit, Haujobb, and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Some Things are Beyond Therapy offers up the band’s full-length debut with a diverse helping of The Ludovico Technique’s visceral and virulent style, combining the raw power and grit of old school industrial with the polish of the modern world.

While the EP focused primarily on delivering a hard-hitting one-two punch of harsh electro/industrial, marred only by less than pristine production and an insistence on beginning each track with a sample from A Clockwork Orange to specify the proper pronunciation of the band’s name, Some Things are Beyond Therapy presents Ben V. and his cohorts pulling all the stops to make for an impressive debut. Tracks like “Dead Inside” and “Beyond Therapy” certainly measure up to the standards set by the current crop of harsh electro/EBM, aiming directly for the dance floor with seething distorted vocals; one gets the sense that these two tracks in particular are meant to draw the listener in with a sound that is edgy but ultimately familiar. Where the band and the album really shines is on such songs as “Potential” and “Shutting Down” when the grimy, overly distorted vocals are replaced with an almost psychedelic array of melodic vocoder amid gothic pads that evoke atmosphere as nightmarishly dark as it is lush and devastating. Especially on the latter track does The Ludovico Technique’s predilections for classical music shine through, as well as on “Then I Found You” and “Wired for Destruction,” on which somber electrified arpeggios resonate atop bouncy, acidic synth bass to make for a wicked mix of high energy and introspective sullenness. Returning from the EP are “Heal My Scars” and “Memory,” both given a major upgrade with a cleaner mix that allows each scathing element to seep through the speakers into the listener’s psyche; less muddy, just as glitchy. Ending the album is “Wasting” with its slow and aggressive beat as swells of industrialized noise and choirs create tension that eventually dissipates to reveal the closest we will hear of Ben V.’s natural singing voice as he gradually loses pitch and descends into an exhausted coda.

Overall, Some Thing are Beyond Therapy demonstrates a high level of care and refinement on the part of Ben V. and The Ludovico Technique. With production assistance from Imperative Reaction’s Ted Phelps, the album exhibits a well balanced mix of electro and acoustic drums to add depth and warmth to counter the cold, bleak electronics, many of which sound as dynamic as the analog synthesizers of old. Coupled with the great vocal variety, this makes for a finely polished production that allows for every ugly, dirty sound to penetrate the mix. While not one of the greats yet, The Ludovico Technique proves its mettle with Some Things are Beyond Therapy and could very well be on the fast track toward the upper echelon of modern electro/industrial.
Track list:

  1. Introduction to Treatment
  2. Dead Inside
  3. Heal My Scars
  4. Deeper into You
  5. Potential
  6. Shutting Down
  7. Beyond Therapy
  8. Then I Found You
  9. Wired for Destruction
  10. Memory
  11. Wasting

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