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The LoveCrave - Soul SalivaThe LoveCrave
Category: Gothic/Metal
Album: Soul Saliva
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Balancing gothic moods, heavy metal vocals, and an intriguing mix of classical and hard-hitting instrumentals, The LoveCrave is a band that has more up its sleeves than a master magician.


“They say the heart of rock & roll is still beating, and from what I’ve seen, I believe ‘em,” to quote a bit of Huey Lewis, and no band proves this better than the Italian goth/metal group The LoveCrave. A massive dose of kickass rocker girl vocals provided by Francesca Chiara and lovely dark orchestrations blend to make their Soul Saliva one of those albums that can easily be played on endless repeat without risk of boredom.

Soul Saliva starts strong and stays that way. Opening with a hypnotic spoken word into to “The Other You,” the song quickly picks up pace and fluctuates between ballad slowness and a headbanging anthem begging the question “Anybody hear me?” We hear you, Ms. Chiara. “And Scream” is easily the strongest and most memorable of the album, allowing Chiara’s voice to grow from childlike softness to an angry intensity that is made all the more emotional by the wonderful backing guitar, cello, piano, and percussion. It is simply filled to the seams with yumminess. “Warriors” is reminiscent of Patty Smyth and Scandal’s “The Warrior,” mostly in the way the word “warriors” is sung, but it does have a strong ‘80s hair metal vibe to it as well. And it’s not the only one that brings back visions of teased hair and video vixens; “Your Fire” and “Tru Blood” could be added to any set list for Lita Ford in her prime.

There isn’t a bad song on Soul Saliva, but there is one little surprise: hidden in the sixth position on the album is – yes, you are reading this right – Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” And it’s actually pretty good. Chiara’s intriguing Italian accent over the slow, atmospheric opening is like stepping into a Dario Argento film – sexy and dark. Then the heavy guitar riff starts and the mood changes to something much more treacherous. MJ would have loved this homage.

Where some groups can only excel in one aspect of making music, The LoveCrave has it all: amazing vocals, breathtaking orchestrations, guitar riffs worthy of a Guitar Hero solo, and an unstoppable rhythm. Metal fans need to give this one a listen.

Track list:

  1. The Other You
  2. And Scream
  3. Warriors
  4. Fade
  5. Get Outta Here
  6. Thriller
  7. Your Fire
  8. Leon’s Lullaby
  9. Tru Blood
  10. Outsider

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