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The LoveCrave - Crisalide EPThe LoveCrave
Category: Gothic / Metal
Album: Crisalide EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Subpar remixes, acoustic versions, and demos of old songs populate the overpriced digital-only Crisalide.


On the heels of their most recent album, Soul Saliva, Italian goth rockers The LoveCrave have released the digital-only EP Crisalide, featuring a Michael Jackson cover and two remixes of their standout “And Scream,” plus live and demo versions of songs from the band’s 2006 debut, The Angel and the Rain. Concept-wise, the title Crisalide (Italian for chrysalis) works quite well, as the majority of this EP displays the metamorphosis of the band over the years. However, the butterfly is much prettier than its earlier form and this collection is not quite worth the walk down memory lane.

This digital release would be a nice bonus to Soul Saliva if it were free, but at a price of nine Euros, it’s a bit expensive for a bunch of songs most fans would already own. The EP begins with their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” a dark and menacing reimagining of the classic. If you bought Soul Saliva, you have this song. There are two remixes of “And Scream,” one by Noblesse Oblige and the Anoymous Dream remix by Ralph Maten. The original was an ecstatic ride of emotions and gorgeous instrumentals including piano and a string section. Both mixes strip away all the instruments and replace them with programmed beats and electronic melodies. Although the focus is more on the vocals, it feels like the soul of the piece has been eliminated along with the cellos. But they’re more generically danceable, so some might see that as a good thing.

There are four unplugged versions of older songs, recorded live at Total Rock Radio London. If you haven’t heard The Angel and the Rain, these are just some nice acoustic songs with a rocker chick and a guitar. Vocalist Francesca Chiara sings quite well without massive studio production and sound effects. “Vampires” features the most memorable lyrics and impressive guitar work, but in this day of teen vampire love, it seems a bit clichéd. The live version from Alcatraz in Milan is actually kind of worse, with its ‘80s hair band guitars and keyboard, although it could have worked in a scene from Queen of the Damned or the end credits for a certain franchise we won’t name. The demo versions of “Can You Hear Me” (originally named “Adrenalina”), “Fading Roses,” and “Vampires” (originally called “Fragile Wings”) are something a real fan would be interested in hearing. It’s always interesting to hear how a song begins long before the final version is set in polycarbonate.

Too many versions of “Vampires,” subpar remixes of “And Scream,” and a handful of acoustic radio appearances don’t stand up enough on their own to make Crisalide worth the price. The group might want to consider making this collection a free bonus download to fan club members or people who buy their CD.

Track list:

  1. Thriller
  2. And Scream (Noblesse Oblige Remix)
  3. And Scream (Anonymous Dream Remix by Ralph Maten)
  4. Little Suicide (Unplugged at Total Rock Radio London)
  5. Vampires (The Light that We Are) (Unplugged at Total Rock Radio London)
  6. Can You Hear Me (Unplugged at Total Rock Radio London)
  7. Nobody (Unplugged at Total Rock Radio London)
  8. Vampires (The Light that We Are) (Live at Alcatraz – Milan February 2008)
  9. Adrenalina (Demo Version of Can You Hear Me)
  10. Fading Roses (Acoustic Demo – August 2006)
  11. Fragile Wings (First Demo Version of “Vampires (The Light That We Are)”)

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