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The Kahless Clone - Our Never-ending LonelinessThe Kahless Clone
Category: Post-Rock / Ambient / Goth
Album: Our Never-ending Loneliness
Blurb: Starkly meditate and solemnly melodic, this sophomore outing from Chicago’s The Kahless Clone is richly majestic exercise in minimalism.


Chicago’s The Kahless Clone, formed by Novembers Doom guitarist Vito Marchese, presented with its 2015 debut EP, An Endless Loop, a darkly ambient brand of instrumental post-rock, full of rich and emotive passages that merged crushing riffs and percussion with lush synthesizers. Starkly meditative and solemnly melodic, Our Never-ending Loneliness follows up on the promise of the debut with a more straightforward but no less expansive set of tracks that exhibits the band in an even tighter unity than the first outing. Perhaps most notable on this second album is the interplay of Zach Libbe’s programmed beats with drummer Garry Naples organic precision, the two extremes in a lockstep unison that along with Larry Roberts’ strident but unimposing bass as the anchor makes The Kahless Clone’s rhythm section on Our Never-ending Loneliness a source of marvel. Adding to this is Marchese’s dynamic layers of acoustic, clean, and distorted guitars, all coalescing into a veritable wall of melodic glory that gives each song a strikingly lyrical quality even in the absence of vocals. The same can be said of Ben Johnson’s keyboards, his crystalline tones of synth and piano providing a fluid complement to Marchese’s guitars, ensuring that each track is a wondrously orchestrated spectacle for The Kahless Clone’s collective talents. A sparse electronic skittering like the scattering of insects in the muddy earth opens “I Would Leave All of This Behind, and So Would You,” the steely resonance of an acoustic arpeggio taken over by the cold shimmer of clean electric guitar to introduce the track’s main theme. A crying synth melody enters as the rhythm hints at the approaching onslaught of abrasive distortion, the atmosphere never straying from its ghostly melancholy. It’s a beautifully simple whose layers are complexly arranged to draw the listener into a realm that reminds this writer of Akira Yamaoka’s compositions for the ashen and foggy world of Silent Hill. Johnson’s keyboard phrases on “I Can Almost Reach You,” along with the intricate staccato rhythms of Naples drums and Marchese’s guitars bear a likeness to prog/metal, while “If Only We Had More Time Together…” evokes a sense of nostalgia and lament, the explosion in the chorus of overdriven arpeggios playing a fiery counterpoint a quieter verse of pensive symphonic plucks and twinkling pianos underscored by spasms of glitchy drumbeats. “This Is All Falling Apart” may be the most direct track on the record, launching headlong into its darkly enticing riffs, glassy toned sequences and guitars prancing amid acrobatic percussive flourishes with graceful synth leads, while the glistening and at times atonal “Is This What You Wanted?” concludes Our Never-ending Loneliness with a delightful romp through hazy recollections and regrets. Also worthy of mention with regards to the band’s musicality is the length of these five tracks, each painting in only four or five minutes a vibrant sonic picture, never outstaying their welcome and leaving just a smidgen of longing for more. Though robust in its production values and skilled musicianship, The Kahless Clone knows how to exercise restraint and minimalism, never relying on grandiose displays of technical mastery in favor of a simply good song. Even with the departure of original bassist Andy Bunk, Our Never-ending Loneliness is a more confident but equally majestic outing for The Kahless Clone. Bravo!
Track list:

  1. I Would Leave All of This Behind, and So Would You
  2. I Can Almost Reach You
  3. If Only We Had More Time Together…
  4. This Is All Falling Apart
  5. Is This What You Wanted?

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