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The Hollow Hearts - The Hollow HeartsThe Hollow Hearts
Category: Electronica
Album: The Hollow Hearts
Stars: 3
Blurb: Slow paced and methodical electronica that rolls in like the tide and is over before it gets started.


The Hollow Hearts is an electronic music group from Los Angeles, a group that creates ambience and strange hypnotic worlds with the music on their self-titled project. The electronica here on The Hollow Hearts is very slowed down, almost as if to creep up on the listener and haunt them through each song, a technique present on all the songs though the track list itself is short. You’ll seemingly float from one song to the other maybe even without notice as each of the four tracks segues into each other rather effortlessly. However, the slow pace of the album may be daunting for some, especially for such a short project; it almost seems incomplete.

The Hollow Hearts is kicked off with the ambient song “The Sea,” which begins as just that – beachfront sounds that slowly mutate into soothing electronica keys, a nice track with a relaxing and haunting backdrop. Unfortunately, it does go on for almost eight minutes, which may have been too much as the same process could have perhaps been achieved in four or five minutes. “Belief” stomps and plods with a steady bass line and drums as well as vocals that match the slow to mid tempo, delivered with a combination of calm anger and nonchalant attitude. “Forever” is a short track that comes in like a quick interlude or a commercial and actually picks up the pace of the album before quickly dying off and transferring us to “Ashes,” a methodical track not unlike “The Sea,” but with much more electronics and a more menacing sound. However, it is still tame and rides the album out on the same calm note it began with.

The Hollow Hearts has an interesting electronic sound and one can’t help but wonder what could have been achieved if there had been more here as the project feels a little incomplete. Despite the short playtime and limited amount of material, there is some potential shown here and though the slow pace may wear down some listeners, The Hollow Hearts has started something and we can only hope the band can continue and make it brighter.
Track list:

  1. The Sea
  2. Belief
  3. Forever
  4. Ashes

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