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The Head of a Girl - Collide RemixThe Head of a Girl
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Collide Remix
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: An introductory EP that is just familiar and striking enough to grab the audience’s attention for the upcoming debut album from this collaborative and exploratory project.


As an established veterans of the Chicago electronic music scene, honing his skills as a producer and DJ, Glenn A.D. finally realizes his own musical vision with The Head of a Girl, with Collide Remix being but the first taste of what his musical collective will be offering on the upcoming This Place Is Really Nowhere debut album. Featuring numerous collaborations with the likes of GoFight’s Vince McAley and Jim Marcus, Leigh Gorman of Adam and the Ants and Bow Wow Wow, and Zuvuya Recordings artist Gabriel Palomo among several others, The Head of a Girl’s music takes on an exploratory path that while rooted in dark electronic and industrial textures infuses alternating flavors to create something more singular and progressively minded, with “Collide” being perhaps the best track to introduce the uninitiated. Driven by metallic beats that shuffle and rustle beneath the song’s sensually synthesized grooves and bluesy keyboard frills, “Collide” is aptly titled as Meghan Benson’s smooth and soaring croon recalls the likes of kaRIN from Collide, along with the sweet ambience of Curve’s Toni Halliday in a manner that should draw in a wide audience for her melodicism and a subtle hint of acerbic bite. With the lyrics co-written by Jim Marcus, the corresponding GoFight remix of the song translates the original’s darkly ambient grooves into a beat-centric version that with its rolling electronic bass lines and spastic glitch effects takes on a wholly different character. The same can be said of the Polyfuse remix as it’s haunting minimalistic pulsing, percolating rhythms, and ghostly atonal vocal effects makes for a marvelously unsettling version that may be this writer’s favorite remix on the EP. Comparatively, the Kompvte remix is effective as a reimagining of the song’s grooving qualities with swells of synth arpeggios and wispy bass warbles akin to drum & bass add some pleasant flavors, though somehow feels less impacting than the other two remixes. Still, it’s a fine addition that rounds Collide Remix out quite nicely and only adds to the anticipation the listener will feel for more of what The Head of a Girl has to offer. Bluesy and groovy, ambient and edgy, “Collide” is just familiar and striking enough to grab the audience’s attention; if This Place Is Really Nowhere lives up to the expectations set by this EP, that attention won’t be wavering away from The Head of a Girl anytime soon.
Track list:

  1. Collide [Single Mix]
  2. Collide [GoFight Remix]
  3. Collide [Kompvte Remix]
  4. Collide [Polyfuse Remix]

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