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The Godfathers - A Big Bad Beautiful NoiseThe Godfathers
Category: Punk / R&B / Experimental
Album: A Big Bad Beautiful Noise
Blurb: The Godfathers return with this latest release, which represents the band’s classic punk infused with rhythm and blues sound.


Veteran British rock act The Godfathers has been on the scene for the better part of the last 30 years. The band’s sound is an interesting blend of new wave punk infused with R&B, which helped the group to make a splash back in 1988 with the hit “Birth, School, Work, Death.” After a hiatus that lasted from 2000-2008, The Godfathers made a comeback with 2013’s Jukebox Fury and now offers up this latest album, A Big Bad Beautiful Noise, which boasts the signature fusion of styles in one hell of a sharp sounding record.

Furious feedback and a fast bass riff open the title track, “A Big Bad Beautiful Noise” with gusto and get things started on a rocking high note. The song has a classic glam punk feel and gets the feet tapping and butt shaking right away. The following tracks like “Till My Heart Stops” and “You Don’t Love Me” are a little slower, sweeter, and pop oriented, but The Godfathers’ signature R&B influence stands out on “Poor Boy’s Son,” which features gritty blues guitars, soulful keys, and fun background vocal harmonies. Some of the latter tracks possess a little more of a ‘90s indie influence while others sound like the blues greats of the late ‘80s, all still maintaining an unmistakable driving punk rock beat at the core.

Overall, The Godfathers don’t stray far from their roots and signature sound, but offer an extremely well produced and aurally pleasing album that is upbeat, danceable, gritty, glamorous, and very enjoyable to rock out to.
Track list:

  1. A Big Bad Beautiful Noise
  2. Till My Heart Stops
  3. You Don’t Love Me
  4. Poor Boy’s Son
  5. One Good Reason
  6. Miss America
  7. Defibrillator
  8. She’s Mine
  9. Feedbacking
  10. Let’s Get Higher
  11. You and Me Again

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