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The Frozen Autumn - ChiralityThe Frozen Autumn
Category: Goth / New Wave
Album: Chirality
Stars: 3
Blurb: An album that feels as if it were frozen in time, with only minor freezer burn.


Brought to American shores by Metropolis Records, this retro styled Italian import conjures up the feeling of an act freshly released from a cryogenic sleep with its synth rich take on the gothic darkwave sound. Founded in 1993, this male and female duo take somewhat peppy ‘80s rhythms and encase them in a more dramatic cloak of gloom as their tag team vocal efforts give their work the dynamic range and feel their composition sometimes lack.

Diego Merletto takes the microphone first in “Before the Storm,” providing the stereotypical deep resonating baritone vocal style known so well in gothic rock and Marletto’s voice admirably carries the track with the warmth of his voice, offsetting the cold and somewhat unimpressive arrangement. Froxeanne shows the act’s feminine side next in “Sidereal Solitude,” providing a more sweeping operatic style, but once again, it is the vocals that make the song, with the airy synth work feeling a bit thin. As the album plays out, it becomes apparent this is par for the course with heavy reliance on vocal hooks and frequently very little to really grab the listener in the musical composition itself. There are exceptions to be found in “Breathtaking Beauty” or “Victory,” which nicely work in some heavily muted and filtered guitar to give a bit of extra flavor to the tracks.

Even though they pale in comparison to some of the acts they seek to emulate, fans of bands such as Clan of Xymox or The Sisters of Mercy are still likely to find plenty to enjoy in The Frozen Autumn. Though much of the work on Chirality lacks the engrossing instrumental hooks that help make greater bands timeless and unforgettable, there is still a lot of charm and superb vocal work to get wrapped up in.
Track list:

  1. Before the Storm
  2. Sidereal Solitude
  3. Chirality
  4. Breathtaking Beauty
  5. So Brave
  6. The Exile
  7. Victory
  8. Rallentears
  9. In the Golden Air
  10. The Last Train

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