Jun 2011 17

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The Dark Clan
Category: Industrial
Album: Dance Magic Dance
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: The Dark Clan creates a remarkable album with a stellar guest lineup.


Dan Clark has been establishing himself in the world of industrial music for some time, playing in both Stromkern and Null Device, but he has really spread his wings and created something special with The Dark Clan. Dance Magic Dance is part of a double-disc release that also includes Fade.

In Dance Magic Dance, Clark and company cover various styles in the genre and even a little outside the genre as well. He also teams up with both established artists and some new comers to create something that is both unique and quite listenable. In many instances, it actually feels like Clark was writing specific songs for the artists he had in mind. The track “(Theme Song For) Fuck-You Friday” jumps out right away, featuring a vocal performance from Matt Fanale of Caustic fame and easily fitting onto any Caustic record. The same goes for the final track on the album, “Sex Sex Sex Sex,” featuring darkNES of The Gothsicles. This song also gets away from what Clark does on a normal basis to really focus on what the vocalist can bring to the music and the style. Both songs are awesome club stompers and party starters and could… nay, should be on every DJ’s rotation on any electro night.

Clark really shines, though, when he is working with a female vocalist. The song “Old Blue Quarry” featuring Donna Lynch of Ego Likeness is the standout performance of both vocals and Clark’s musicianship as a guitarist and a programmer. It’s easily the catchiest track on the record and in this writer’s opinion the strongest track that The Dark Clan has released yet. The other standout was the song “Strip Strap Stripe” featuring Jai, which has a definite ‘80s vibe at the beginning and has strong gothic vocals, as if Jarboe had written a song for a stripper in Wisconsin.

A few of the songs were rather forgettable but the only real mishap on the album was the song “Entrances and Angels” featuring JP Spencer and Zak Vaudo. This is a piano-driven song with male vocals, but the whole song sounds as if Clark was attempting to write a song for a musical – kind of like Kermit the Frog meets Phantom of the Opera. Out of the 10 songs on the album, one miss is a pretty decent accomplishment these days, but this miss is pretty out there.

Dance Magic Dance is a fun record in many instances and an excellent record in more ways than one. All of the performances on the record are enjoyable, whether it be a club stomper, possesses a gothic vibe, or the hip-hop flavored “Cold Steel the System” with strong nods to SMP. This is a strong release that shows excellent production skills, excellent musicianship, and strong programming skills.
Track list:

  1. Daily War (feat. Brittany Bindrim)
  2. I Love You Where Are You (feat. Eric Oehler)
  3. Strip Strap Stripe (feat. Jai)
  4. (Theme Song For) Fuck-You Friday (feat. Caustic)
  5. Savages in Suits (feat. Lane Ellen)
  6. Entrances and Angels (feat. JP Spencer and Zak Vaudo)
  7. Cold Steel the System (feat. Bryan North and Jim Semonik)
  8. Old Blue Quarry (feat. Donna Lynch)
  9. You Are Here (feat. Jennifer Dekorah Lee)
  10. Sex Sex Sex Sex (feat. darkNES)

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