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The Bodies Obtained - Who Knows Who's RightThe Bodies Obtained
Category: Experimental / Goth
Album: Who Knows Who’s Right
Stars: 2
Blurb: A psychedelic artsy project that might have found an audience 20 or 30 years ago.


The Bodies Obtained is one of those odd beasts that is evocative of so many classic and legendary acts, but completely fails to capture the same magic that made them special. Mixing retro synth work with mildly gothic overtones in a chaotic and distressed manner, listeners will be able to pick up aspects of many pioneering avant-garde acts like Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubauten, The Residents, or even Captain Beefheart, but Who Knows Who’s Right feels more like a bland, poorly engineered mimicry rather than a fresh new take on experimental style.

With a vocal style that vaguely resembles Rozz Williams of Christian Death fame, The Bodies Obtained seems to strive for a vaguely ethereal feel with “Life After Life” and “What Did She Say About Me?,” but the peppy, off-kilter, and desperately fighting against traditional structure composition coupled with the cheesy stock instrumentation absolutely destroys anything remotely interesting about the vocal presentation. As the album carries on, song after song seems to be targeting some form of artificial oddity, but instead they just feel sloppy as they drape themselves in non sequiturs and vaguely quirky sound effects. Most damning in tracks like “So Many Ifs Ands & Buts” and “If Not Today,” the rhythm comes from a painful hollow drum sound effect kit that sounds like it originates from some ancient MIDI software. Perhaps this devotion to old MIDI sound is supposed to be part of some great irony of the album, but it just makes what few qualities the album does have all the more difficult to appreciate.

The Bodies Obtained seems to be attempting to be the Instagram of music. It tries so desperately to capture what made these old avant-garde acts like The Residents so great, but it feels so blatantly artificial and contrived that it seems like more insult than homage. The Bodies Obtained does occasionally show interesting skill in mashing together segments of music into a patchwork blanket of sound, but the result is still painfully cheesy and ugly.
Track list:

  1. Life After Life
  2. What Did She Say About Me?
  3. Find Another Way
  4. Better than Me
  5. So Many Ifs Ands & Buts
  6. From A to Z
  7. If Not Today
  8. Rolling Down Your Leg
  9. Don’t Feel You Feeling Me
  10. Not Sure I Trust Your Smile

The Bodies Obtained Website http://thebodiesobtained.com
The Bodies Obtained MySpace http://www.myspace.com/thebodiesobtained
The Bodies Obtained Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bodies-Obtained/269786848628
The Bodies Obtained bandcamp http://thebodiesobtained.bandcamp.com
Finding You Attractive
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  1. Luke says:

    Oh my god. Did he just sing ‘Kill buts’? This CD really is hilarious.

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