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The Adversary - Chapter 1: The RuinsThe Adversary
Category: Electro-pop
Album: Chapter 1: The Ruins
Stars: 3
Blurb: A brief but intriguing introduction to a grander concept, a theatrical post-apocalyptic electro-pop tale.


As a New York artist, it only stands to reason that Andre Mistier’s background in theatre would find its way into all aspects of his musical art. With his solo debut Chapter 1: The Ruins being the first in a narrative series, the juxtaposition of atmospheric instrumentation and pop appeal makes for an lush if brief experience. A brief chorus of high pitched melodic voices underscored by ambient tones and a sullen violin introduce us with an excerpt from “Crazy Dream,” presented in its full form at the end of the EP. Strums of acoustic guitar and frills of synthesizer play against Mistier’s velvety voice, steadily building to that melodious and bursting chorus as the drums and chimes of guitar gradually reveal an artful and ambient pop ballad. A thrum of bouncy electro bass and sparse but effective beats underplay electronic reverberations and galloping sequences of echoed guitars, Mistier’s voice hovering between a low, breathy baritone and a soaring, emotive tenor. The song is a tad monotone, but ultimately very catchy and danceable, while “Patterns” takes on an edgier tone of skittering distorted guitar and layers of squelching synths, the vocals taking on an almost mournful wail to demonstrate the extent of Mistier’s vocal ability. The chorus is no less bouncy or poppy, pulling the listener into yet another infectious electro-pop track. As the first in a series, The Ruins runs only a bit more than a mere 15 minutes, giving just enough of a hint of what is yet to come as the hybrid of acoustic and electronic sounds create a solid foundation to build upon. Not one to allow his theatrical sensibilities to be limited to the music, the narrative is further revealed with the accompanying videos as a post-apocalyptic tale of two people discovering freedom in the ruins of the city, making Chapter 1: The Ruins a nice introduction to a grander concept. Time will tell if The Adversary has the musical and storytelling chops to maintain the audience’s interest as the story unfolds, but he’s certainly off to a good start.
Track list:

  1. Crazy Dream – Intro
  2. Maybelline
  3. Patterns
  4. Crazy Dream

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