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Terrolokaust - Spit the Poison OutTerrolokaust
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: Spit the Poison Out
Stars: 4
Blurb: A rare example of a hugely entertaining and genre defining record that, hopefully, might get a chance to propel its authors to much deserved success and recognition.


Terrolokaust certainly isn’t the most subtle example of linguistic capacity employed in the service of industrial rage and the name of the Spanish duo sells the complexity and riveting dynamic of this sophomore release short. It is a testament to the act’s creative and artistic wit that Spit the Poison Out easily overcomes the unfortunate neology and shines the bright blinding and terrifying light, heralding the rise of one more electro act, beyond the worn out mainstays of the genre and into the stratosphere of seemingly endless potential.

From the very first moments of the new record, the duo of Javi and Indio establish the unique texture of Terrolokaust’s sound; a bruised, cold, harsh, but infectious rhythm that spans the entire album, equipping the band in the sense of identity that wasn’t prominent enough on the debut, God Loves the Violence. The overwhelming intensity of precisely programmed melodies that penetrate the eardrums with the buzz of industrial machinery and the heavy EBM beats set the tone for such massively danceable and unforgettable hits like the Combichrist-esque “The Way it Must Be” and the raving “Me Niego!.” But where Terrolokaust truly shines is in the combination of the same untamable dynamic and pop derived vocalizations that on tracks like “Reasons” or “Pointless” create an uncanny symbiosis of the pure electro energy and the structured flow of each chorus and bridge.

Terrolokaust are not afraid to exploit the simplicity of rhyming lyrics and this unlikely approach playfully elevates the compositions into the realm of ferocious pop/rock structures with simple catchy verses and lasting hooks that are never devoid of the stomping beats and the overwhelming walls of sonic concoctions. Ultimately, Spit the Poison Out forces you to withhold the judgment of some less inspired literary content, like the lines of “Blood Starts to Leak,” until you hear the massive aural layers that back it up. The lengthy track list is mostly spared the burden of mediocrity and most tracks will continue to haunt the listener whether through the melancholy mood of “Dwindling Hope,” the club destined prowess of “Reversing in Circles,” or the sheer undeniable brilliance of the band’s choice to cover the nihilistic KoRn mega-hit “Falling Away from Me.” Without ever straying into the territories of overused dubstep tropes, Terrolokaust actively engages its audience with a fresh, energetic approach to electro clichés that will immediately appeal to genre enthusiasts and might slowly win over all those negatively affected by the years of musical mimicry.

Terrolokaust’s latest is the natural extension of the slowly passing domination of EBM methods and a perfect fusion of mainstream electronic aesthetics and industrial intensity. This is the band that together with acts like Atlanta’s Die Sektor and Edinburgh’s The.Invalid will set the standard for this ReViewer’s perception of dance floor trends and the scene’s spotlight should be justifiably following its next move. Spit the Poison Out is a massive surprise and one of the year’s most intense and memorable efforts.
Track list:

  1. The Poison
  2. Pointless
  3. Blood Starts to Leak
  4. Reasons
  5. The Way it Must Be
  6. Scars That Never Heal
  7. Reversing in Circles
  8. A Release from This
  9. Me Niego!
  10. Dwindling Hope
  11. Falling Away from Me
  12. 8am (S, D & M)
  13. Addicted
  14. Trapped Inside
  15. Reversing in Circles (Sin DNA Remix)
  16. The Way it Must Be (Incubite Remix)
  17. Reasons (Technolorgy Remix)

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