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Category: Electronica
Album: Blinded by You (Single)
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: An excellent teaser single from the English electronic duo Tenek has a softer electric edge, giving much more allowance for pure electronica.


Following the success of their debut full-length release Stateless, Tenek readily reappear on the map with the equally engaging teaser-single Blinded by You. As a prelude to their latest album On the Wire, the mini-sampler easily makes the grade with a combination of two solid electronic synth tracks and a moderately remixed extended club version of the title track. Tenek’s direction of electronica this time around veers more towards a strictly electronic vibe, doing away with any true sense of studio musicianship at the foreground. Based on the shape of sound on this disc, this decision seems to have been the right one to take.

The single itself incorporates a bubbly and upbeat persona with an ‘80s electronic vibe that will satisfy anyone’s guilty pleasure of taking in a casual dose of synth/rock. Designed for the club circuit and infectious through its repeated melody, “Blinded by You” holds just enough personality to elevate it beyond most in the genre. The two pillars that make up the band, Geoff Pinckney and Pete Steer take a pseudo-rock element and manage to fuse it with a wonderfully polished early Apoptygma Berserk style of electronica. The ending result is a track that will easily bore its way into your head as well as make for a nice addition to any club DJ’s stockpile of up-tempo, crowd-pleasing dance music. “Synchronise” takes the band into a slightly different, albeit arguably superior direction of sound. The synth/rock core now includes a structured march-and-chant element that immediately takes control of the song. The repeated backing shouts of “Hey!” intertwined with an almost militant percussive backing takes Tenek’s sound to that fine line that blurs the genres of synthpop and modern industrial dance music. The product of this blurred fusion reveals a slightly darker face of the band, one that again proves the worth outside of generic rock/synthpop with an identity and character that can honestly be called their own. The third addition to the disc is the Designed for Dancing version of the title track. Unfortunately, the heavier direction that they aimed their sights toward with the second track is instantly forgotten with this lighthearted attempt to remix a track that already held enough buoyancy to keep it afloat as a danceable number. Also, the few seconds of obscurity that mark the “Hidden Track” on the disc leave anything to be desired and could have easily been omitted. However, the two primary sample pieces that Tenek have put forth with Blinded by You reveal a lot about the band today. Their talent for creative song-making now couples with a wonderfully creative quirkiness that alone marks them as a band to be reckoned with inside of the electronica music realm.
Track list:

  1. Blinded by You (Single Mix)
  2. Synchronise
  3. Blinded By You (Designed for Dancing)
  4. Hidden Track

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