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We Are Temporary - Afterthoughts EPWe Are Temporary
Category: Electro
Album: Afterthoughts EP
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Endearing, desperate, and progressively disheartening, Mark Roberts’ eclectic angst-ridden brainchild gushes with affection and demands to be heard.


An array of moody electronic excess seeps out of the core that is We Are Temporary; full of haunting melodies with unnervingly explicit emotion, Afterthoughts is about love and after, tearing at listeners with unbridled longing, depressing blows of seclusion, and incessant rout. Vulnerable, melodramatic, and rarely bound by any restraints, it treads into abject human feelings, tightly clenching so that every drop is brought to surface and manifests the gaping hole where a heart once resided. The EP that almost never was, Mark Roberts signifies the culmination of his weighty experiences with this well thought out release.

The very cold and polarizing “Afterthoughts” lures listeners into an electronic schizophrenic sentience with its windy synth coils and light oil drum taps as it gradually peaks to tumultuous EBM structures and imperative robotic screams. Never really conforming to overly catchy and predictable touches, the shaky dirge in “Satellites” oscillates with raspy metallic sobs while “Hurt” paints a living, breathing utopian city booming with busy hovercraft and other alien sounds, emitting more self-assurance and charm with Wolfsheim like clarity. Perhaps ambitious enough to become a brooding goth anthem for a newer generation, the melancholic craving in “Swords” proves to be comparatively transparent as it stands out as one of the more hooking, illustrious moments in Afterthoughts; the dreamlike pitter-patters of frailty circumvent the blaring synth tremors and penetrating torment while vocoder work creates the illusion of the process of man turning into part machine. The underwhelming “In Perfect Blooms of Color” alludes to more promising moments with hints of vexation, but abstaining from the ambient fullness and more inspired lyrics that most of the other tracks contain deem it almost incomplete, especially when concluded with the silver lining in “Starash” as it carries pleasing xylophone like caresses, hypnotic, delicate heartbeats, and a more emotionally stable variation in Roberts’ repertoire as it echoes off a landscape blotched in optimism after somehow finding peace in the notion that we are all vastly insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Eventually finding haven in nihilism after nearly drowning in emotive chaos, Afterthoughts greatly displays the poetic and artistic range of this solo act, and assuming there’s a follow up, it will be interesting to see what lies in its future. Sure, there are moments that are unapologetically whiny and almost too revealing, but it’s audacious and captivating enough to find appreciation and possibly fall in love with. And with a price tag of zero dollars, Mark Roberts definitely makes it difficult to look the other way.
Track list:

  1. Afterthoughts
  2. Satellites
  3. Hurt
  4. Swords
  5. In Perfect Blooms of Color
  6. Starash

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