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Telophazer - Let Me ForgetTelophazer
Category: Trance
Album: Let Me Forget
Stars: 2
Blurb: Here is a track that could be swallowed without a hiccup on a dance floor but totally dismissed outside of it.


If the sole role of an EP is to ignite interest and offer an enticing sneak peek of what the artist has yet to disclose, then this extremely brief release entirely misses its mark. Carlos Praciado is clearly a busy man with his multiple ongoing projects, but this trance venture, although not incompetent, is also totally unremarkable.

Let Me Forget is a three-track and less than 20 minute long, focused and straightforward offering that you might shuffle somewhere amid your party playlist, but can leave untouched if you hate to reminisce on the Friday night shenanigans during your daily commute. Trance through and through, Telophazer clearly takes its musical cues from artists like ATB and Darude and “Let Me Forget,” despite its heavier tone, can be digested effortlessly beside your usual serving of “Sandstorm.” The single edit subtly emphasizes the vocal parts, if only by trimming the usual soft midsection bookmarked by a dynamic opening and closing. In the following extended version, the focus clearly remains on the high beat count, even if “Let Me Forget” is never offensively mindless. DJ 206’s dub mix is strikingly uninspired and very much a case of a déjà vu even though it entirely removes the vocal and, in the spirit of dubbing, enhances the purest house properties of the track. Still only those most gifted in the art of drum & bass perception will notice the difference.

Praciado did better with his industrial act HypoFixx and Telophazer might just be one occupation too many. Let Me Forget is clear proof that what works on the dance floor, enhanced by live energy and alcoholic delirium, does not always translate onto a record and this EP is strictly limited to the most devoted of dance music aficionados that devour trance without any inhibitions.
Track list:

  1. Let Me Forget (Single Version)
  2. Let Me Forget (Extended Version)
  3. Let Me Forget (DJ 206 Dub Mix)

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Damian Glowinkowski (DamienG)

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