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Teleoptyk - Nest of VipersTeleoptyk
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Nest of Vipers
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: This latest return to familiar territory is not without some sparse merits, but its flagrant monotony and lack of creativity hardly make it an imperative addition.


With a relentless barrage of multifaceted rhythmic works, Maduro has been in a position of mass appeal spanning from goth/industrial clubs to the belly dance community. Residing somewhere in the spectrum of industrial and noise with fragmented dark ambience, his solo act Teleoptyk has culled some deeply menacing, decrepit, and groovy atmospheres that incite both fear and the desire to dance. Early 2013 marked a new direction where he literally voiced his feelings amid the solidly executed diabolic and apocalyptic soundscapes in City of Dis. With a sinister timbre reminiscent of a younger and more temperate Leæther Strip’s Claus Larsen, he ambitiously set his instrumental efforts – Darkened, Luminous Dials, and Maduro – apart with a clear vision of where he wanted his industrial-based one to head; it was promising, especially for those with an affinity for early turn-of-the-century gritty analog-induced dark electro. His latest release, Nest of Vipers continues to see him pen a beat-driven legacy by returning to the project’s roots and, unfortunately, forgoing the main element that distinguished itself: vocals.

Akin to demonic entities spiraling into a destructive black abyss, the piercing synth gusts and frantic cadence in “Skin and Scales” perfectly suits the ensuing dark mood. While there are moments of merit in tracks like “You are Mine” with its disturbing insect swarm-like hums that sporadically morph into coarse power noise and “Vipers” with its ghastly drone and blistering synths that vaguely stir occult imagery, it’s still not enough to veil the rampant monotony and lack of inspiration. The latter tracks feverishly swell with devilish textures, hard-hitting mechanized percussion, and religious chants that will surely populate the dance floor, but fails to offer much more beyond that.

While the idea of returning to what defined his solo act is not necessarily a step in the wrong direction, this latest attempt shows him doing it in an ever so blasé fashion that is easily forgotten. Perhaps a victim of his own successes, condemning future outings to pale in comparison to those of the past, or perhaps given such a high output that he’s now sacrificing quality over quantity. Whichever the case may be, Nest of Vipers struggles to stay above water in his sea of essential releases.
Track list:

  1. Skin and Scales
  2. You are Mine
  3. Vipers
  4. Samhain
  5. Berlinernacht
  6. Control the Mind

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