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Teleoptyk - City of DisTeleoptyk
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: City of Dis
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Reanimating archaic industrial sounds and concepts that were once considered lost, this nostalgic solo act’s highly energized debut satiates the cravings of a darker appetite.


While still somewhat modest in size, the ambitious Octofoil Records seems to be housing some rather skilled and eclectic up-and-coming artists with, of course, Teleoptyk being no exception. Most widely known as the prominent Maduro, as well as releasing different styles of music under the monikers Darkened, Luminous Dials, and also owning the aforementioned record label, the mysterious man behind Teleoptyk proves to be quite a restless force in the underground electronic music scene. Reminiscent of the more controlled aggression perhaps best described as a mixture of C-Tec and Aghast View with hints of Skinny Puppy’s earlier works, this Washington, D.C. local delivers old-school electro/industrial in a well rounded debut album.

The relentless onslaught commences with “City of Dis,” “Take Me Down,” and “Dissipated” firmly standing as addictive floor stomping numbers that will undoubtedly take longtime rivetheads back a decade and possibly further. Tracks like “Great Disaster” wobble to muddy synths in a diabolic chapel, “Kill Your Pride” bewitches with tribal blasts before the tamed “Bones” becomes the dirge of the set. While the heavy vocal distortion is vastly monotonous, it’s nice to once again hear that morose yet commanding timbre come out the other end of a vocoder, especially in a scene where the harsh demonic cries of rampant aggrotech have the propensity to overstay their welcome. Power noise textures are toyed with in “Underneath,” the tranquil “Crown of Thorns” sounds vaguely reminiscent of Leæther Strip’s pleading “Carry Me,” while the concluding “Rituals” appropriately trudges along with spooky quivers, crunching blows, and callous utterances of “you’re nothing!” For a debut album, City of Dis is surprisingly well contained, rarely strays, and stays true to the roots it breathes life back into, exhibiting expert precision that was perhaps acquired through earlier endeavors.

The sparse vocal emotion can understandably leave a void for some, but with that allows much of Teleoptyk’s hefty canvas to be filled by the murky palette of decrepit synths and caustic melodies to shine through and paint the macabre atmospheres. Surely, at the heart of its intent, City of Dis brings back a sound tightly bonded to older styles of industrial that will have admirers bobbing their heads and scuffing combat boots with much delight. And while this release is definitely not revolutionary, Teleoptyk somehow makes it its own, successfully infecting minds of earlier eras in a downright invigorating fashion.
Track list:

  1. City of Dis
  2. Take Me Down
  3. Dissipated
  4. Great Disaster
  5. Kill Your Pride
  6. Bones
  7. Disappear
  8. Underneath
  9. Crown of Thorns
  10. Behind the Curtain
  11. Rituals

Teleoptyk MySpace https://myspace.com/teleoptyk
Teleoptyk Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Teleoptyk
Teleoptyk SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/teleoptyk
Octofoil Records Website http://www.octofoil-records.com
Octofoil Records MySpace: https://myspace.com/octofoil
Octofoil Records Twitter https://twitter.com/octofoilrecords
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