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Technoir - We Came for LoveTechnoir
Category: Synthpop
Album: We Came for Love
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: It’s a desired symptom of life from Technoir, but the EP itself is far from being a definitive proof of the band’s resurrection.


Almost six years after the last full-length album, Technoir returns with this brief but sufficiently entertaining snippet of the new material. After two records supported by a vocalist Julia Beyer, the act’s founder Stefan Gehring re-establishes his dark electro-pop outlet solo. It all remains in the name and We Came for Love is appropriately moody and driven by crisp lines of electronica, living up to the Technoir vignette if not the expectations.

The opening moments of the band’s newest track are rich in enticing, mysterious synth work and the distant echoing sounds intensify until the final, dynamic hook swoops in. Coupled with velvety vocals, this atmospheric and dynamic backdrop appears to lead into a majestic, romantic finale, but it disappointingly fails to materialize. “We Came for Love” is instead content with the mechanical repetition of the chorus and its accumulating energy is wasted on the unimaginative monotonous structure. Additional remixes reassemble the track in equally predictable and bland ways. A version for the dance hungry crowd, a distorted acoustic slow burner, and a laidback chill-out groove are serviceable extensions of the pop zest of the original, but they neither accomplish what the original failed to deliver nor do they enhance any particular value of Gehring’s work. Less of a filler is the B-side “Now Is Then,” which pulls Technoir towards the opposite spectrum of emotional intensity with its deliberate tempo, menacing tones, and distant cries.

Both tracks hint at the mood and the range that Technoir should display on the new record, but they never actually sell the method. Listeners will be forgiven for feeling short changed by an EP that allows merely a glimpse into what seems to be a rich and romantic experience. As if some final notes were missing, this latest EP is not fulfilling, but signals the band’s potential for a rewarding comeback.
Track list:

  1. We Came for Love (Single Mix by DJ Rabauke)
  2. We Came for Love (BhamBhamHara Mix by Axel Ermes)
  3. We Came for Love (Tom Prayne Mix)
  4. We Came for Love (Album Version by Technoir)
  5. Now is Then (Short Version by Technoir)

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