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System Syn
Category: Industrial / Futurepop
Album: Here’s to You
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: System Syn’s single stirs desire for Strangers.


After a two year break of continuous music releases, System Syn returns in force with album Strangers, leading with single Here’s to You, a hard-hitting seven-track EP centered around the System Syn song of the same title off the new album. Along with the title track, Here’s to You comes with an original track, four remixes, and one cover song. System Syn’s style has grown strong over the past two years and their new releases demonstrate their strong style.

The original tracks are an excellent sampling of System Syn’s sound on the Strangers album, capturing the spectrum in two songs. In “Here’s to You,” Carney couples a strong beat with grinding bass and synths under vindictive lyrics; the track is well paced and catchy. In contrast, “Lead” is a brief and soft track with a very light, sad feel to the sound. Standing out strong from the others is a cover of the R.E.M classic “Losing My Religion.” Carney has managed to hold onto the retrospective sound in the vocals while System Syn pulls a heavy club/dance turn to the music. It’s catchy, it’s danceable, and – from a resident of R.E.M’s home town – the track stacks up well.

The single also includes numerous remixes of the title track, as well as a mix of another track from Strangers. Remixing “Here’s to You” are XP8, Interface, and Aesthetic Perfection. XP8 and Interface bring a very club/industrial feel to their versions, with driving beats and synths. The Aesthetic Perfection remix, however, is quite the letdown; the music sounds nearly identical to the original. The same patterns are there, but the instruments sound somewhat cleaner. This is less a remix than a reinterpretation, and it’s hardly a far shot from the original.

Overall, the single is solid on the originals and mediocre on the remixes, as per most singles and EPs. But the original tracks hold their own, keeping the EP afloat and interest brewing for the album.
Track list:

  1. Here’s to You
  2. The Inconvenient (Imperative Reaction Remix)
  3. Here’s to You (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
  4. Losing My Religion
  5. Here’s to You (Interface Remix)
  6. Lead
  7. Here’s to You (Martyr-Mind Mix by XP8)

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