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Syndrome / Monotonos / Sequences - Fall of ManSyndrome / Monotonos / Sequences
Category: Ambient / Drone
Album: Fall of Man
Stars: 2
Blurb: A trio of artists cannot save this album from running into the same problem Syndrome’s last release encountered.


Syndrome releases its second offering of 2011; this time, with two other artists in the fold. Monotonos and Sequences each add one track to this offering, with the final track being a collaborative effort among the three. Fall of Man was created to commemorate a show that all three bands performed at in Paris in 2011. Unfortunately, adding two other artists to a cocktail that is already bland in taste, does not help save this album from sounding dull, lifeless, and at times, almost muted. Four tracks are offered, all of which blend together with bland and minimal deviation from each other.

It is difficult to keep a listener interested in songs that are epically long and drawn out. One might think of a band like Type O Negative, who created long opuses that grabbed the listener’s attention with variation, mood, and depth. The same cannot be said about Fall of Man. Each of the four tracks provided are over 12 minutes in length. This can work with above stated traits, but on this release, it fails. The first track is by Syndrome and melds droning guitar work with light synths and piano to a forgettable affect. A slight comparison to Harold Budd can be heard throughout, but even though there are three bands at work here, each song sounds too similar. Monotonos tackles the second track and offers the best one of the crop. This is a moody piece, with some pretty piano work utilized, but it cannot save it from being too long and too bloated. Sequences’ track is a perfect example of why the album does not work. At over two minutes in, this writer had to check and see if the track had even started. There is just not enough happening on this song or the album as a whole. The final song is the longest of the bunch at almost 16 minutes in length. The same issues arise with this track as you realize after a number of minutes that there is actually a song playing. The album is atmospheric at its best, and that is the absolute best that can be said, unfortunately.

Three bands came together in Paris to perform what was likely a much better experience live. Translating it to the studio fails to hit the mark. The tracks are overblown and redundant and does not enthrall or captivate us enough to stay along for the long ride.
Track list:

  1. Syndrome – Moon When Wolves Run Together
  2. Monotonos – All Seemed So Clear, Yet Now So Distorted
  3. Sequences – Shattered Gleam
  4. Syndrome+Sequences+Monotonoes – Layered

Syndrome Website http://syndrome.bigcartel.com
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Monotonos Twitter http://www.twitter.com/monotonos
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Sequences Website http://sequences.bigcartel.com
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Jonathon Hartigan (CiRcuiTrY)

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