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Sweat Boys - I Like to Party EPSweat Boys
Category: Electro / Dance
Album: I Like to Party EP
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Get ready to sweat, for the Sweat Boys are determined to get your body moving and sweating on the dance floor with this nigh irresistible mix of groovy bass lines and sexy beats.


There is something to be said for an act that is straightforward in its intent and approach; with a name like Sweat Boys, one’s mind can immediately conjure up images of… well, just that – sweaty boys on the dance floor, and with the I Like to Party EP, Sweat Boys seem determined to get as many bodies moving and sweating on that floor as possible. With lyrics like “I like the dance floor, I like to move, I like to feel it, I like you” amid a simple but undeniably catchy bass line and pumping beat, the howls and cheers of a dance floor crowd heard in the background, the title track is an unapologetic and damn near irresistible romp. The same can be said of the accompanying remixes, with GoFight’s Plastic remix being an especially striking bit of modern disco, and though the Plack Blague remix is enjoyable enough, it’s somewhat underwhelming as a closing track. Next is the EP’s second track, “Work for It,” with its funky grooves and suitably erotic undertones, the distorted noises that adorn the track sounding like manipulated moans only adding to its sensual atmosphere. Giving the song a bouncy new wave makeover is the Nikki Twister remix, adding a positively saccharine synth melody that contrasts nicely with the original’s sexy vibe, while the G-Biz remix featuring Black Windows is almost menacing as it slows the tempo dramatically and infuses discordant electronic nosies, reminding this writer of the drug-addled grooves of Haloblack. And then there is “Wild Angel,” which kicks into high gear with a scratchy bass line and harsh beat like a runaway locomotive, the almost klaxon like synths and rapid fire drum rolls adding to the song’s manic energy as the vocals bellow like a call to arms, the dance floor a battlefield to be overtaken. With mixing and mastering by GoFight’s Jim Marcus, Sweat Boys is a band that not only likes to party but clearly knows how with plenty of funky, sexy beats and groovy bass lines that one simply must dance along with. Some might detect some homosexual undertones to the band’s music, as the I Like to Party EP certainly sounds like what one would expect to hear in a gay club… but so what? It’s fun! Oh yes, it’s damn good fun, and if you like to party too, then you should certainly pick this EP up.
Track list:

  1. I Like to Party
  2. Work for It
  3. Wild Angel
  4. I Like to Party [Extended Edit]
  5. Work for It [Nikki Twister Remix]
  6. I Like to Party [GoFight Plastic Remix]
  7. Work for It [G-Biz Remix] (feat. Black Widows)
  8. I Like to Party [Plack Blaque Remix]

Sweat Boys
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