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Suture Self - NewerSkinSuture Self
Category: Electronic
Album: NewerSkin
Stars: 3
Blurb: A mesh of styles that makes this remix album standout a little more from the pack.


What can you say about a band whose fans dub its style as “epitronica?” You might wonder but the answer to that question is surprisingly nothing but good things. Chicago based and female fronted Suture Self has pieced together a remix album full of variety in NewerSkin, which is aptly titled due to its mixture of styles and instrumentation. The four piece band manages to bring together various parts of electronica with metal, EBM, and industrial, giving fans a wide palette when guitars crunch against fiery synths as Ronay Chase’s haunting vocals lead the way.

The Short to Ground remix of “New Skin” is a rather standard electronic affair where the synths rage and reign supreme but still functions as a good opener for the album. Vein Collector’s mix of “Fifteen Years” is the total opposite of standard and begins with an epic string introduction that evolves into a vicious blast of heavy guitar work and dark synths tagging along as well. A trip-hop vibe creeps in with the George B Frazier mix of “Lust” as the track slows down the pace of the album and ultimately sounds as if it was meant for the water level of a Sonic the Hedgehog game, making it stand out significantly. The Lthrboots mix of “Fifteen Years” is a super dance track with the drums, electronics, and vocal mixing to conquer a dance floor easily and though it’s not extremely innovative, it is very well done. Another slow paced and ambient affair is brought in the form of Cobalt Core’s Forgotten mix of “Lust.” Every piece of the track sways like the wind on a dark, cold night and whispers deeply into your ear like the ghost of a lost lover. The With Help version of “With Hope” is a dark and deeply emotional song whose melancholy electronics and guitar sound like they’d fit right at home with on any gothic rock band’s album and is likely to invoke comparisons to such. Lthrboots’ radio edit of “Lust” sexes up the song, giving the drums and electronics the groove to make hips move with no effort. The vocals seem a bit off at first, but they settle in easily after the first few seconds of the track. Stripped down and baring itself openly is the acoustic SS No Skin mix of “New Skin,” and though it may be unexpected, it creeps in and stays with you far after it’s done.

Remix albums are always a mixed bag (pun intended); however, Suture Self has it right with NewerSkin. Though it’s difficult to go through an album that is essentially a handful of songs interpreted over and over, Suture Self captures it nicely by selecting enough different mixes to keep the album varied and diverse. It may not create any new fandom but NewerSkin will easily please the hardcore fans and be a good companion piece to other releases by the band.
Track list:

  1. New Skin (Short to Ground Re-Skinned Mix)
  2. Fifteen Years (Vein Collector Mix)
  3. Lust (George B Frazier Mix)
  4. New Skin (Caustic’s Scab Mix)
  5. Fifteen Years (Lthrboots Mix)
  6. Lust (Cobalt Core’s Forgotten Mix)
  7. Less Than Zero (Requiem Mix by N.Y.X)
  8. New Skin (TranQ Mix)
  9. Lust (Caustic’s Suit Yourself Mix)
  10. With Hope (With Help Version)
  11. New Skin (Cynergy 67 Mix)
  12. Lust (Lthrboots Radio Edit)
  13. New Skin (SS No Skin Mix)
  14. Less Than Zero (Lthrboots Mix)

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