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Suicide Commando - The Suicide Sessions Vol. 3Suicide Commando
Category: EBM / Harsh Electro
Album: The Suicide Sessions Vol. 3
Stars: 3
Blurb: In the third and final installment of the reflective Suicide Sessions, Suicide Commando digs through the archives for unheard material, resulting in an enjoyable but unbalanced effort.


In celebration of Suicide Commando’s 25th anniversary, Johan van Roy gave his first three records the redux treatment and packaged them as The Suicide Sessions. Replete with an enormous remastering effort and sprinkled with rarities and other unreleased material, The Suicide Sessions Vol. 3 is a must-have for any fan of the band. The third installment of The Suicide Sessions features the group’s 1998 effort Construct-Destruct on disc one and a variation of the Re-Construction EP and other rare material on the second disc.

Starting strong out of the gate, disc one begins with the unforgettable “Acid Bath.” Ominous synths slowly build into a strong beat that would sound at home in any club. That is until van Roy unfolds a rightly horrifying narrative of a blood thirsty psychopath, making “Acid Bath” a truly unsettling experience. The terror quotient is upped a notch with “Better Off Dead,” again featuring graphic and macabre lyrics, but also a highly distorted and unrelenting beat that leaves the listener stunned but satisfied. In spite of its early success, the record takes a decidedly sharp turn with “Putrefaction Process.” While maintaining the overall sound of Suicide Commando, the track is a slower paced affair, which results in a somewhat repetitive and lackluster song. The same formula is recurrent throughout the record, and is especially notable in songs “Somnambulist,” “Pesticide,” and “Massacre.” Luckily, there are some real gems to be found throughout the album as well. The remastered version of the classic track “The Mirror” is a bass-heavy, glitch-laden masterpiece. “Desire” is the album’s liveliest cut with a beat that could rock dance floors and mosh pits alike. The closing track “Euthanasia” essentially follows the formula of the slower paced songs on the record; however, it is done with such purpose and efficiency that it doesn’t come across as a retread. With “Euthanasia,” beauty is found in pain and the first disc of the collection ends on a high note.

The second disc of the collection begins with an instrumental version of “Decoder.” Although the track stands well enough on its own, it’s compelling to hear a track without van Roy’s tales of horror and misery laced throughout. Following “Decoder” are a couple of remixed tracks, the first being an interpretation of “Better Off Dead.” Remixed by Dive, this is without a doubt the standout track of the second set. The threatening and destructive elements of the original are left intact but are pushed into the background in favor of a more dance floor friendly beat. Fellow EBM luminary :Wumpscut: follows with a remix of “Desire” that, much like the original, is as beautiful as it is dangerous. The album concludes with a handful of unreleased and rare tracks. While these songs will have longtime fans salivating (especially the hard to obtain “State of Emergency”), they aren’t of much importance to the casual listener other than to remind that Suicide Commando is not only a leader in EBM but prolific as well.

The Suicide Sessions Vol. 3 is a fitting conclusion to the collection. Although not as intriguing as the two that preceded it, the third installment is a welcome reminder of Suicide Commando’s power and presence. In spite of some repetitiveness and a slower overall experience, The Suicide Sessions Vol. 3 is a mandatory album for hardcore fans and an intriguing (if not terrifying) glimpse into the past of one of EBM’s brightest acts.
Track list:
Disc 1: Construct-Destruct

  1. Acid Bath
  2. Better Off Dead
  3. Putrefaction Process
  4. Desire
  5. Somnambulist
  6. Come to Me (v 2.0)
  7. The Mirror (reMASTERed)
  8. Pesticide
  9. Massacre
  10. Ignorance
  11. Euthanasia

Disc 2: Re-Construction EP & Bonus

  1. Decoder (Instrumental Version)
  2. Better Off Dead (Remixed by Dive)
  3. Desire (SC DNA Swab – Remixed by :Wumpscut:)
  4. Violater
  5. Massacre (Exterminate – Remixed by Plastic Noise Experience)
  6. Better Off Dead (Remixed by Pierrepoint)
  7. Final Suicide
  8. Last Breath
  9. State of Emergency
  10. Desire for Dead Bodies (Slow)
  11. Narcotica

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