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Suicide Commando - The Suicide Sessions Vol. 2Suicide Commando
Category: EBM/Harsh Electro
Album: The Suicide Sessions Vol. 2
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Before moving into the future, Belgian EBM masters Suicide Commando look to past conquests with this second collection in The Suicide Sessions.


For well over two decades, Belgian musician Johan van Roy – better known as Suicide Commando – has been releasing brutal and punishing EBM. Characterized by propulsive drum work, ethereal synths, and van Roy’s macabre lyrical content, Suicide Commando has become one of industrial’s most exciting and long lasting artists. To celebrate Suicide Commando’s 25th anniversary, the band is rereleasing the first three LPs, each with a bonus disc of extra material from the era. The Suicide Sessions Vol. 2 focuses on the 1995 release Stored Images and its EP counterpart Contamination, along with other bonus tracks.

The Suicide Sessions Vol. 2 begins with an ominous loop, threatening of “the beginning of psychological warfare,” which the group delivers throughout the next 11 tracks. “The Exit” showcases a merciless drumbeat, which becomes more immediate once the slinking synth line kicks in. The remix track “Save Me” is propelled by a four-on-the-floor drum pattern that could ignite any dance floor into a mass of swaying, rhythmic violence. The album’s torrid pace is slightly interrupted by the glitch filled “The Human Disgrace,” which sounds somewhat out of sequence and ends abruptly. The album gets back on track (and the dance floor) with “Intercourse (Reloaded II).” The thrusting beat combined with lyrics that leave no room for further interpretation is a true highlight of the record. The tongue-in-cheek subject matter doesn’t last long though, as tracks such as “Dying Inside” and “The End of Your Life” are a full on assault on the listener, both lyrically and musically. Disc one ends with the iconic EBM masterpiece “See You In Hell.”

Disc two features a variation of the Contamination EP along with a few extra tracks. Although not as strong as its counterpart in this collection, it does have its highlights. It begins with the brooding track “Fall Away.” Eerie stringed instruments combine with thunderous percussion to create a track that is truly unsettling and dangerous. The extended mix of “See You In Hell” revisits the classic dance floor stomper, but adds a ground shaking bass line to the second half of the song, an effect that is even more prominent due to the collection’s immaculate remastering effort. “Head Down” is an infectious industrial masterpiece, containing equal parts beauty and brutality. The second disc closes with a powerful live rendition of “See You In Hell,” which demonstrates that Suicide Commando isn’t merely a studio act.

Suicide Commando are pioneers of the harsh electro sound and The Suicide Sessions Vol. 2 is a welcome glimpse into the past works of the group. For new fans, this collection will serve as a benchmark allowing for a deeper appreciation of the genre, while longtime fans will be pleased with the earth shaking production value found in this remastered edition. This collection will undoubtedly remind listeners that Suicide Commando has been packing dance floors and wiping up the mess with limp bodies for over 25 years, and the band shows no signs of slowing down.
Track list:
Disc 1: Stored Images

  1. Murder
  2. The Exit
  3. Save Me (Remix)
  4. The Human Disgrace
  5. Intercourse (Reloaded II)
  6. Dying Inside
  7. Mortal Combat (Final Act I)
  8. The End of Your Life
  9. Actions of the Mind
  10. T.V. – Obsession
  11. See You In Hell

Disc 2: Contamination EP & Bonus

  1. Fall Away
  2. See You In Hell (Part 1 & 2 – Extended Mix)
  3. Head Down
  4. Delusion
  5. The Face of God
  6. Traumatize (Club Mix)
  7. See You In Hell (Remake by Monolith)
  8. Burn Baby Burn
  9. Last Decision
  10. Murder (Extended)
  11. See You In Hell (Live in Bielefeld)

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