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Suicide Commando - The Suicide Sessions Vol. 1Suicide Commando
Genre: EBM/Harsh Electro
Album: The Suicide Sessions Vol. 1
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: The godfathers of harsh electro celebrate its 25th anniversary by releasing the first of three compilations of horror and distorted beats.


Suicide Commando has been scaring and moving fans onto the dance floor since 1986 and in the wake of their 25th anniversary, they unveil a series of compilations featuring their first three albums, each with an accompanying bonus disc of rare and unreleased tracks. The Suicide Sessions Vol. 1 consists of the album Critical Stage and is coupled with a bonus disc of early recordings, both discs featuring vicious plodding and stomping drums that are paired with dark keys and synths seemingly creating a dance floor atmosphere; however, one that is covered in blood and dead bodies. The vocals are full of militaristic chants and harshness, often distorted or delivered with a sharp growl that matches the music in intensity and anger.

Suicide Commando kicks off The Suicide Sessions Vol. 1 with “Critical Stage,” a track with a machine gun like drum sound as an intro, an intro that perhaps goes on a bit too long but segues into well done terror EBM bass and more drums sounds that sound like the roar of a monster chasing someone down a hallway. The track “Sheer Horror” sticks out because it sounds as if it was ripped from the soundtrack of an ‘80s horror movie, threatening and haunting synths with dark bass lines that are eventually joined by guttural growl vocals. “Traumatize” features similar qualities but with a ramped up tempo that could pack dance floors and keep them there for its relatively short playtime. Standout track “Fate” kicks in with steady stomping like drums and adds in ambient background sounds that haunt and almost put you in an 8-bit video game, the accompanying vocals haunting with its harsh tone and chants of “death is coming!” Fast paced and wild notable track “Necrophilia” is an out of control track with swinging drums and electronic keys that slam into the ears along with the angry chant vocals. Rounding out the first disc is the Mental version of “The Dreamhouse,” a track that features industrial, machine-like noises that clank and cringe along with the creepy keys and bass lines that follow along with it, ending the album on as scary a note as it began. The bonus disc full of rare and unreleased early recordings is a nice addition; however, the sound quality on most tracks here is a bit dated. Still, tracks like “The Ultimate Machine” and “Save Me” sound updated and well done. You can also clearly hear how Suicide Commando paved their future sound in tracks like “Never Get Out” and “He Cut His Own Head.”

Suicide Commando continues to bring the sound they are known for and things are no different with the release of The Suicide Sessions Vol. 1. Despite even the low sound grade of some of the bonus disc’s tracks, it is nice to see where the sound came from and how far it has come since their inception; a definite must buy for fans of the band.
Track list:
Disc 1: Critical Stage

  1. Critical Stage
  2. Sheer Horror
  3. H.I.V. +
  4. Traumatize
  5. So Many Questions
  6. Time
  7. Fate
  8. Necrophilia
  9. Revenge
  10. Where Do We Go from Here?
  11. Under God’s Eye
  12. The Dreamhouse (Mental Version)

Disc 2: Bonus

  1. Take My God Away
  2. Never Get Out
  3. The Ultimate Machine
  4. Save Me (Original)
  5. Sweet Jesus
  6. Industrial Underground
  7. Waiting for the Gnomes
  8. Autopsy (Vivisection I)
  9. A Nos Morts (Aan Onze Dooden)
  10. Commando
  11. He Cut His Own Head

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