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Suicide Commando - Death Cures All PainSuicide Commando
Category: Industrial/EBM
Album: Death Cures All Pain
Stars: 3
Blurb: A little longer and better than average, but still your basic single treatment.


The second single to be spawned from the most recent album of the esteemed Johan Van Roy, Death Cures All Pain puts the work of this legendary and wildly influential electro artist in some very capable hands. Still very much residing in the grim electro world that Suicide Commando is known for, these mixes may not take the work in wildly new directions, but they offer more than enough variety to keep this lengthy single from wearing out its welcome.

[:SITD:]’s reworking of “Death Cures All Pain” is quick to impress with their subtle and unobtrusive injection of their style, giving the track a much grander and more epic feeling with its sweeping and dramatic dark edged synth work. Similarly, Aesthetic Perfection’s take on the same track gives the song a dose of attitude with its plucky synths and catchy beat. Advent Resilience’s mix of “God is in the Rain” is also a near homerun with its ability to soften Suicide Commando and make the track almost pretty, but a rough sound mix hobbles the track. Unfortunately, there are also tracks like the two mixes of “Go Fuck Yourself” that rely on nothing but a heavy constant beat, which may work on a dance floor, but quickly become tedious and boring when given any substantial attention.

As with any single, this release is more for the diehard than the casual, but if you love the original “Death Cures All Pain,” the different takes on the track are definitely worth the price of admission. Solid mixes of different tones plus a smattering of mixes of other tracks keeps things fresh and interesting, but this single still acts more as nice extra than a must have.

Track list:

  1. Death Cures All Pain (Suicide Edit)
  2. Go Fuck Yourself (Bashing Hard Mix)
  3. Death Cures All Pain ([:SITD:] Remix)
  4. Death Cures All Pain (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
  5. The Perils of Indifference (Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket Remix)
  6. Go Fuck Yourself (Extended Bashing & Mocking)
  7. God is in the Rain (Advent Resilience Remix)
  8. Death Cures All Pain (Kant Kino Remix)

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