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Suicidal Romance - Shattered Heart Reflections
Suicidal Romance
Category: Synthpop
Album: Shattered Heart Reflections
Stars: 2
Blurb: Average and predictable, Suicidal Romance’s Shattered Heart Reflections is a strange mixture of blandness and fairytale.


Estonia’s Suicidal Romance has created a pretty image for itself, all gothic and stylish, but they essentially make fairytale music with a few heavy beats and throat-stripping backing vocals thrown in to seem edgy. Dmitry I has some musical skill and his vocals can be quite intriguing in their intensity. There are even a few moments of originality that manage to break through. However, Maarja Korstnik’s lyrics are so typical and girlish they teeter on the edge of clichéd: love, falling, spinning, dying, flying, and Viktoria Seimar’s bland, soprano-locked vocals are a distraction.

Shattered Heart Reflections begins with a 24 second instrumental “Interlude” that leads straight into “Touch,” a romantic duet between what sounds like a princess and a demon of some sort. “Words that Change Everything” starts with a strong rhythm, introduces some synth, adds some more commonly used percussion loops and unintelligible vocals by Dmitry, and then, just as you start nodding your head to the beat, Seimar starts singing about fate and love and fear. Huh? It’s like the song diary of a junior high school goth. The same formula is applied to the majority of the rest of the songs – beat, fade in the synths, Dmitry, and then fairy-princess vocals. “Dreamers” would actually be perfect for a modernized stage version of a fairytale where the heroine has escaped her tower and is making her way through the dark woods, singing her thoughts to the nocturnal animals. It is only when they get to the final song on the album, the title track, that Suicidal Romance stops singing and focuses on what the band does best: make music to dance to.

There are some good things about Suicidal Romance’s music. Every song has a strong beat, good use of synths, and is very danceable. Although done a million times before, Dmitry I’s scratchy, screaming vocals work well with the music. The real problem is the very prominent featuring of a very average singer and lyrics that are even too girly for… well, a girl. They might want to consider writing a song that drops the lead vocals below the soprano range.
Track list:

  1. Interlude
  2. Touch
  3. Words That Change Everything
  4. Make Me Blind
  5. Love Stays the Same
  6. Her Song
  7. We’re Wanting More
  8. Dreamers
  9. Build Me a Heart
  10. Shattered Heart Reflections

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