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Studio-X - Neo-FuturismStudio-X
Category: Electronica / Industrial
Album: Neo-Futurism
Stars: 0
Blurb: Because the world needed more hard dance music with movie samples.


Studio-X has made their name through numerous remixes of bands such as Grendel, Leæther Strip, Nitzer Ebb, and more. Here, Studio-X releases an album of their original works. Frankly, they should stick to remixing.

Neo-Futurism may well be the single most lacking collection of music of the year, in both substance and variety. The songs are mostly titled after their samples, such as the track “Who Said That” (sampling Full Metal Jacket is timely for current music, right?) or “You’ll Never Get This” (sampling Borat, strangely enough). The ones that don’t use samples sound just like the ones that do, only without any samples. All of the tracks use the dance floor tried-and-true thumping drum & bass with harsh, grinding synths, occasionally slowing things down before jumping right back into the pulse. If it doesn’t sound like dance music, it sounds like video game music. In short, this is not a good album. Perhaps it’s a good album if the sole intent is to distribute it to DJs and clubs, but as far as sales to the general populous, there is absolutely no substance to be enjoyed.

Perhaps the worst part is the utter repetitiveness that permeates the album. The album as a whole has a repetitive nature in its inherent style, but in addition to that, each song seemingly loops its sounds and samples unendingly. Yes, everyone says that music in this genre is repetitive by nature, but there is a stark difference between repeating a pattern and having a song literally sound as though it starts over halfway through (as is the case with tracks “Speed” and “Kokoda”). There are patterns in the songs that are catchy, but in the catchy-without-wanting-them-to-be way. The more times something is repeated in succession, the more likely it is to carve its way into the brain, to bore through the skull like some sort of auditory Chinese water torture. To top it all off, Studio-X insults the listener by offering one “guest performer” track and two remixes of songs on their album. Despite having Rachel Haywire contribute vocals to the track, “Party” is no better than any other track on the album; Studio-X sounds as though they’ve simply sampled Haywire rather than truly utilizing her as a contributing vocalist. As for the remixes… there is no such thing as a remix of a song that has nothing to remix. The remixes may as well be new songs; it’s as though Studio-X is making fun of the genre through these last three tracks. Maybe that’s what Neo-Futurism is: one huge joke, a trolling of the electronic music genre to see what a band can get away with while still being called a band.

Studio-X’s sound may be good for live performance, in a lineup of dance bands and DJs. On an album, it’s listening to a dance mix without the dancing—and a mediocre, monotonous dance mix at that. There’s a reason that Studio-X is, in their own words, “one of the most sought-after remixers” and not one of the most sought-after bands. Their style of hard dance music makes for great remixes and subpar original works. If you find yourself locked in a government internment camp, subjected to this music as a form of punishment, bang your head repeatedly against the wall… it may add some variety to the beat. If Studio-X ever wants to release another album, it will either need to be another remix album (which they can do) or they’ll need to dig down deep inside to find some scrap of substance.

There is no rating for this review. In the words of Roger Ebert, this work occupies a world where the stars don’t shine. A universe where there are no stars to be awarded.

Track list:

  1. You’ll Never Get This
  2. Break Free
  3. Decapitated
  4. Poison Ivy
  5. Who Said That
  6. Anti-Christ
  7. Search & Destroy
  8. Speed
  9. Kokoda
  10. The Drill
  11. Party (feat. Rachel Haywire)
  12. Poison Ivy (DJX Lab4 Remix)
  13. The Drill (Proteus Fire Walk With Me Remix)

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