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Strip in MIDI Side - Your Stripping ExperienceStrip in MIDI Side
Category: Synth Rock
Album: Your Stripping Experience
Stars: 3
Blurb: Quirky but often endearing Italian band offers up a mixture of goth, industrial, synthpop, and rock, all with an ample dosage of ‘80s new wave flavor.


Strip in MIDI Side is a four-piece synth rock outfit out of Italy that has delivered its pop driven electro/rock affair in the form of its debut release, Your Stripping Experience. Those familiar with the band will notice that the first five tracks on the disc come directly from their MCD that was released earlier in 2010, and delivered in exactly the same sequence. Each of those tracks capture the core of the band: a finely tuned unit that relies on simple but catchy synth driven tracks, traditional rock structures, a clean and slightly androgynous male vocal delivery, all delivered with a bass/guitar/drum subtext. While Strip in MIDI Side is clearly a rock band, their emphasis on the electro aspects of each song shows where the band is truly reaching for its audience.

The second half of the disc is all new material, and shows that the band (as playful and almost pop sounding as the beginning of the disc) is not afraid to experiment a little more with their sound. Introducing elements that would be considered more industrial, and even more aggressive, Strip in MIDI Side wants to be taken seriously, especially when they darken their tones and dabble in a more goth oriented tonal delivery. That core seriousness is a hard pill to swallow since most of their vocal deliveries and choruses are soaked in sugary melody, catchy verses, and sometimes goofy lyrics.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this CD is that it aspires to be everything and nothing all at the same time. Drawing upon ‘80s new wave but advancing it to a more modern sound by incorporating goth, industrial, or pop/cyberpunk seems to be their raison d’être. Classifying the band is difficult because they create an electro space that embraces all the dark subgenres, but injects a hyper-happy feeling that makes them kind of confusing. Sometimes that works for them to great effect, but it often times comes up rather short. Your Stripping Experience is not a bad disc, but it will be interesting to see where the band decides to go from here.

Track list:

  1. Your Midi Side
  2. Everybody Likes This
  3. The Dreams
  4. Bring Me Down
  5. Sweet Bastard
  6. You Don’t Know
  7. I Want
  8. Speak Up
  9. Vintage Improvisation
  10. Art is Insanity

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