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Strange2 - Ciclos
Category: Ambient / Electronica
Album: Ciclos
Stars: 4
Blurb: Atmospheric with a beat, Strange2’s Ciclos is a rare breed: music for the imagination and the hips.


Strange2 is of the apparently increasingly rare breed of artist that makes ambient music you can actually dance to. With a combination of hypnotic beats, lovely melodies, well utilized sound bites, and soothing piano, Ciclos is an album for the mind and body.

It is difficult to describe the first three tracks individually because once you begin listening to Ciclos, your mind starts to wander. The glitch-laden, hip-swaying rhythm overlaying the lovely piano melody of “Despacio” blends so effortlessly into “Jemmapes” and then on to the atmospheric “Nada” that the brain loses track of titles and silences between songs, not to mention the passage of time. The body moves and thoughts drift along with the tune. “Arte Y Espectador,” however, gently breaks up this reverie with a tone that could be anything from a siren to the sound of spaceship thrusters. The pace is slow, but somehow relays a sense of urgency that grows more intense as the tune unfolds, making this one of the brightest pieces of an overall glowing work. “La Primera Impresión” and “Imagenesdepostales” delve into darker territory with rich textures and throbbing beats that will stop your breath before “Hotel D Ses Rêves” brings back the piano-driven tunes that are the unifying theme throughout most of the album.

Strange2 knows how to build a song. Layer upon layer of solid rhythms and beautiful melodies inspire the mind to wander and drive the body to move, making Ciclos a rare and wonderful find.
Track list:

  1. Despacio
  2. Jemmapes
  3. Nada
  4. Arte Y Espectador (Inattendue: Vtna)
  5. La Primera Impresión
  6. Imagenesdepostales
  7. Hotel D Ses Rêves
  8. Squares
  9. Decadence (s2 vs Moisés DDF)

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