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Straftanz - Mainstream Sellout OvergroundStraftanz
Category: EBM / Industrial
Album: Mainstream Sellout Overground
Stars: 4
Blurb: An overwhelmingly fun album that will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face as you leave a path of destruction.


In the ever crowded world of beat heavy, dance floor focused electronic acts, it takes something pretty remarkable to stand out from the herd and with Mainstream Sellout Overground, Straftanz proves they have this rare commodity in abundance. Though only the second full-length release from this German EBM duo, Straftanz has learned to channel an unprecedented level of crazy, infectious fun in their work, allowing them to easily transcend language barriers and provides them ample opportunity to experiment and show their versatility while easily keeping their audience engaged.

Kicking things off with the gloriously insane title track that is inundated with animal noises, ringing phones, sirens, and bombastic, explosive vocals that could get a dead man’s pulse racing, the expectation for what is about to unfold in the album is, unfortunately, too much to live up to. While still an excellent power noise styled track in its own right, it’s hard for “Turbo” to not feel like a bit of a disappointment due to what “Mainstream Sellout Overground” seemed to promise, leaving “Turbo” to act more as a palate cleanser and giving the audience the opportunity to adjust their expectations. Just in time “Die Neue F-Klasse (Ein Panzerlied)” rolls over the listener acting like the industrial music world’s answer to Andrew W.K. party anthems with its infectious, bouncy rhythms inspiring fits of fist pumping and involuntary jumping. Throughout the album, tracks like “Monkey Do, Monkey Say,” “Alle Reden Vom Wetter (Boom! Mord!),” and “The Base Below” offer superb and distinctive dance tracks featuring an amalgam of power noise and classic industrial and techno. Meanwhile, offering a reprieve from these explosive tracks, tracks like “Forward Ever,” “Weltzeitvemichter,” and “Biftek De Licorn” offer a softer, more straightforward EBM approach emulating work from acts such as Rotersand and Covenant. These tracks may seem mildly out of place at times and aren’t quite as successful as the higher energy tracks, but they do provide the opportunity to compose oneself before returning to the overwhelming controlled chaos of the rest of the album.

With Mainstream Sellout Overground, Straftanz has managed to breathe life into the sometimes tiresome pursuit of dance floor dominance. They have managed a very successful balancing act, showing great respect to classic industrial without sounding dated, juggling a lighter, more fun-loving sound without devolving into a novelty, and giving a generous helping of heavy beat dance tracks without desensitizing the listener or growing stale. If fault is to be found in this exceptionally fun and infectious album, it would likely have to be the lingering doubt created by the opening track leaving the feeling that the album could have been successfully taken even more over the top and more into the realm of the deliciously bizarre and explosive, making the listener feel that maybe, even with as crazy as Mainstream Sellout Overground is, Straftanz may still be holding themselves back.
Track list:

  1. Mainstream Sellout Overground
  2. Turbo (Album Cut)
  3. Die Neue F-Klasse (Ein Panzerlied)
  4. Forward Ever
  5. The Bass Below
  6. Biftek De Licorn (feat. Eva Janina Haas)
  7. The Enchantment (feat. Reverned G and F. Nietzsche)
  8. Fuer Die Kinder (Ist Mir Egal!)
  9. Monkey Do, Monkey Say
  10. Alle Reden Vom Wetter (Boom! Mord!)
  11. Du Stirbst Aus! (feat. PS + Jinxy from Santa Hates You)
  12. Weltzeitvernichter

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