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Stoneman - Human HaterStoneman
Category: Gothic / Metal / Electronica
Album: Human Hater
Stars: 2
Blurb: A half-cocked scattershot of an album that manages to make metal boring.


The third album from this dark metal band from Switzerland, Human Hater marks an attempt for the band to return to their roots. Heavy on the death metal staples, but mixed with a bit of electronics and gothic overtones, Stoneman shows shades of many acts that have come before them but seems unable to keep their footing on ground that was well traveled in the ‘90s by acts such as Skrew, Fear Factory, and Rob Zombie.

Tracks like “White Star” and “Kendra Comes” feature your typical heavy guitar, blast beat bass kicks, and the growling, barking death metal vocal style, but are accompanied by unimpressive synth elements that feel tacked on more as an afterthought than as integral pieces of the song. Other tracks like “Built of Anger,” “Hope You All Die Soon,” and “Sugar Mama” show Stoneman’s poor songwriting ability with laughably childish lyrics and overly generic style. Featuring Wednesday 13 of the Murderdolls, “Zombie Zoo” appropriately has an anemic Rob Zombie-like style that feels as threatening and ferocious as a starved captive animal. The album wraps up with their “radio hit” track, “No Sweet November” and literally comes out of nowhere. Showing little to no artistic integrity, “No Sweet November” is a blatantly pandering watered down track that seems explicitly written for radio with its saccharine vocals and generic style. This single track speaks volumes about the band’s complete and total lack of artistic vision.

Human Hater is a horribly underdeveloped, unimaginative, and uninteresting album. Though not offensively bad, it feels as if very little thought or effort went into the album. At times laughable, and others feeling like a pale shadow of greater acts from well over a decade ago, Stoneman just doesn’t bring anything worthwhile to the table and feels like they’re more interested in making a buck than actually producing anything new or original.

Track list:

  1. White Star
  2. Hope You All Die Soon
  3. Zombie Zoo (feat. Wednesday 13)
  4. Rail of Destruction
  5. Human Hater
  6. Suicide is a Suicide
  7. Built of Anger
  8. Sugar Mama
  9. Kendra Comes
  10. Let the Beast Come In
  11. No Sweet November

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